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Taking a Sharp Eye on Eyebrows

Updated on October 4, 2019
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I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Eyebrows or no Eyebrows?

In The Past Few Weeks

(as you have read), I think that I have presented a lot of woman-based thoughts—lips; eyes; ankle bracelets and high heels, but today, I am up against it. I have painted myself in the corner. Today I am tackling eyebrows, and talk about a tough task. This one is tough!

But Ken, you ask grinning from eat-to-ear. You’re talking those cute little arc’s of hair above a woman’s pretty eyes.

True. But a better question is: did the eyebrows make the eyes pretty or the other way around? Men, you have to think about these things, that used to not be an issue. Today, you have to. It is a new day in America. We are in 2019 and both men and women (mostly women) are either evolving into deeper, expansive, and beautiful women (inside and out) while us guys are just glad to be in the game. In other words, we men are so gullible that “we” think that nothing about our features matter.

And while that may be correct, I have seen and read about male actors, singers, and even pro athletes who have bought into those male-based skin creams, lotions, and oils, to make their skin soft and a pleasing texture to be touched by his female companion. Men today have gone as far as to do the facial thing to rid the face of clogged pores to clean the fleshly oils from rash and other annoying skin things. It’s truth. Read any issue to Playboy or GQ. You will be humbly-remarking, “Wow, Ken! You sure know your men’s skin issues.”

Does This Pretty Girl Have Pretty Eyebrows?


See Gal Gadot's Eyebrows--Aren't They Lovely?


But Frankly, This Piece

is not about men. It is dedicated to the women’s eyebrows. Right out of the chute, men who are reading this are relaxing, sipping their coffee, and thinking, Ken, it’s about time! Men are direct. I can give them that. (wish that I had an image of Liam Neeson.) Celebrities like Neeson are happy within themselves and do not answer to what is popular or what fits all male actors. Neeson is just that. Neeson. Done and done.

The obvious question might be: what is said about a woman’s eyebrows?

  • Curved: "A creative person." 2. Straight: "A confident and assertive person — if a woman has straight brows she can be quite masculine." 3. Angled: "Sensitive and private, but women with apex eyebrows can also be stubborn,

  • Bushy: "Masculinity and an excess of male hormones in a woman's body. If the hair is shiny, it reflects an individual with high sexual energy." 2. Thin: "A feminine, gentle personality."

  • High: "If they are too high, they are dreamers."

  • Low: "They look too carefully at everything and often don't have time for others."

  • The Left vs. Right Brow: "Depending on which one is higher, it tells you about the control in relationships. If a woman's right is higher she is controlling, if a man's left is higher he is controlling."

Does Her Eyebrows Show Sadness or Peace?


Another Obvious Question Pops to Mind:

What percentage of guys like or dislike a woman’s eyebrows?

You Will Not Believe This but about 40% of guys’s said that it did not matter (that much) about a woman’s eyebrows, while a sound 60% (split) as 30% cared and another 30% did not care.

Personally-Speaking About Eyebrows__________________________________

is really tough, and honestly, I really did not know that there was that much to know or digest about women’s eyebrows. And I think that “this” will be the last lecture about liking, disliking, and saluting parts of a woman’s features. I would, in the old days, throw editorial guidelines to the wind and write as much as possible as women’s legs, behinds, and well, their “privates,” but in those past years, I have found that sometimes better judgment pays more dividends than meeting with success.

September 5, 2019_________________________________________-

Guys or Girls: Does a Woman's Eyebrows Define Her Personality?

See results

Do The Eyebrows Tell What She is Thinking?


© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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