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Plaid Skirts For Men

Updated on October 19, 2009

Plaid skirts for men are often referred to as kilts, because oftentimes they are. What's the difference between a kilt and a mere skirt? Well, a kilt is a pleated skirt which is usually patterned with a clan tartan. Kilts close to the side at the front and are best worn with a large kilt pin which will keep them from flying open at inopportune moments and showing the world everything you have.

Kilts are associated with Scotland and Scottish clans, though men's skirts including the kilt were both often worn in Ireland and Scotland in the late 1400's.

If you want to read a really interesting, factually correct document on the history of the kilt, read this article. It is super.

You might now be wondering, what is the difference between plaid and tartan? Well, not a lot. 'Plaid' is the Americanized version of the word tartan, because Americans like to rename things so that they can later measure the depth and breadth of their cultural imperialism by seeing how far the word's usage has spread. (I kid, of course, but can think of no other reason as to why words which are perfectly good for the rest of the English speaking world suddenly become transformed in the USA.)

Men who wear skirts therefore have quite a wide range of plaid and tartan skirts available to them. They can wear traditional kilts (which were part of my High School girl's winter uniform and which I always liked because they were thick and warm and actually pretty nice to wear,) or they can wear other plaid skirts which are made for women but will fit men just as well.

Utilikilts, which I have written on before are an interesting spin off of the traditional kilt. Utiliklts, Action Skirts For Action Men.

The plaid skirt can perhaps be regarded as a gateway skirt, the portal between menswear and womenswear, the missing link garment through which men can reclaim some of the unbifurcated garments which they used to wear quite commonly throughout most of our history.

Though plaid skirts have become increasingly associated with school girls, plaid is and always has bee a very masculine pattern, and it is one easily reclaimed by any man who decides to do so. To this day, it is not uncommon to see men of Scottish ancestry wearing kilts at formal occasions, and there is no reason why a kilt or other plaid skirt should not be considered attire formal enough to be worn at a corporate place of business, or anywhere else for that matter.

Kilts and plaid skirts are stylish, comfortable and entirely awesome pieces of clothing that every man (and woman) should try wearing at least once.


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    • profile image

      David 7 years ago

      Those who are against this fashion trend for men are not smart, because they don't realize that if they were able to get used to women wearing pants 50 years ago, they can get used to men wearing skirts. Most Americans do not have the genetic ability to look at history as a guide in predicting the future. Also, all this oppression against men wearing whatever they want (and formerly, women), and for that matter, slavery and segregation, is the result of capitalism and religion (the latter of which can be blamed on the Puritans). Fortunately, this country is slowly becoming more secular and socialistic. As these 2 trends continue, we can expect to see a dramatic decline in homophobia and sexism. I look forward to the day when we are exactly like Europe.

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    • profile image

      Mark 7 years ago

      (I kid, of course, but can think of no other reason as to why words which are perfectly good for the rest of the English speaking world suddenly become transformed in the USA.)

      I the very early days of America the Founding Fathers wished to seperate "us" from England. In so doing they commisioned Webster to create a "non-Oxford" dictionary. In doing so he found that changing the spelling and meaning of many words would "define" American English.

      This of course was after everyone decided NOT to make German the nations first lanquange.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 7 years ago

      Thanks for the info, Tommei!

    • profile image

      Tommeiwf 7 years ago

      A tartan is a form of plaid, but plaids are mostly not tartans.

      A plaid is a crisscross of coloured stripes on the material, and the stripes can be of any width.

      A tartan is a very specific arrangement of coloured bands making up repeated squares of approximately eight inches each side, with the same arrangement of bands running both vertically and horizontally across each square. The colours and arrangement of the bands are specific to certain clans, regions, or educational institutions, and tartans are generally registered property. Proper wearing of a tartan, other than certain "free" patterns, is generally limited to those who declare allegiance to one of the identities given above. For example, I, as an Armstrong, a Fairbairn, or a Nixon, would wear the Armstrong tartan as a member of that clan. A proper kilt is so pleated that the tartan is displayed proper right through the pleats when the wearer is standing still.

      In the old days, weavers of tartan kept sticks that carried the colours and widths of every band in a tartan square to ensure they made a proper tartan for each buyer, because to clansmen the correct tartan was essential to identification of friend and foe on the battlefield. There is a huge amount of pride in the correct wearing of the correct tartan for all dress occasions.


    • profile image

      rd 8 years ago

      Love the skirts you have pictured and love a good quality kilt, as well. As you stated, they are comfortable and generally a very warm garment. Unfortunately, quality kilts are usually a bit pricey. As a result, I have only one in the Donnachaidh tartan of my clan and wear it rarely for preservation reasons.

    • profile image

      Nanciboy 8 years ago

      Hmm, none of those skirts would be confused with a kilt.

      I love the first skirt. Don't have the curves to carry off the third and it violates your rule on being able to run in it. But the second is a look I could carry off in public with just a little more courage. ;-)