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Tatoo Art

Updated on February 22, 2013

Tatoo Art

Tatoo art or tattoo art, has been with us for as long as man has been embedding marks in his flesh. We have evidence that the art of tattoos have been with mankind for over 5000 years. Now that's a fad that just isn't going away!

Many ethnic groups and cultures place special significance in their tattoos, such as in the case of the Samoans who have been using tattoos and body art for over 2000 years. For the Samoans the addition of a tattoo signifies a coming of age.

Tatoo art thrives in the prison scene. Acquiring a new tattoo is not allowed there of course, so getting a tatt is a clandestine activity which requires the tattoo artist to use ingenuity and imagination when coming up with the equipment for the actual act of tattooing the design. The artist is also under the pressure of being discovered carrying on the illicit activity of actually giving the tattoo to his client, usually done for some packs of cigarettes in exchange for his artwork.

The earliest recorded device made specifically for tattooing was made by Thomas Edison. Yep, the same guy who invented the phonograph. But later on Samuel O'Reilly made the first electric tattoo machine, which was a great improvement over Edison's device.

The development of the electronic tattoo machine resulted in the marked rise in popularity of tattoos in the Western world. There are many cultures and religions around the world however, that do not permit marking the body with tattoos.

Many people wear tattoos which signify something such as the mark of a group they belong to, the music they enjoy listening to, or their religion. Others wear tattoos just for the joy of the self-expression or the mark of beauty upon their skin. The reasons for getting a tattoo are as varied as the people who wear them.

The traditional argument against getting a tattoo is that they look good or seem like a good idea when you are young, but what happens when the years pass by and you age? You might not be so "in like" with the permanent mark that you have had embedded in your skin after your skin has changed with age. This is why you should take your time before taking the final step of having your favorite design inked into your skin.

If you decide you don't like your tattoo later, people do get them removed, but it is costly. It also sounds a bit painful to me, ouch!

The risk of infection is very low as long as you take proper care of your tattoo after getting it. Any reputable tattoo artist will instruct you on the care of your tattoo once you get one. It is important to follow the directions the tattooist gives you at the time you get your tattoo, or you may end up with an infection.

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, you can get a book that will show you how to pick a tattoo design that fits your personality among other things you should know before walking into the tattoo studio. This book will also tell you how to get instant access to a huge collection of tattoo designs and ideas. Check it out here at Tattoo Ideas.

Chris Garver: Japanese Dragon Tattoo - Miami Ink

Tattoo Product Reviews

I have reviewed the tattoo products that I have found available on the marketplace for you here. The links to the products are included of course. My recommendations are below at the end of the product reviews, in the conclusion.

Chopper Tattoo

Link: Chopper Tattoo

Chopper Tattoo is one of the most popular download galleries on the net for tattoo designs. They have the largest selection of high quality tattoo designs on the Internet, and their database is continually growing with new designs as they are added. Once you are a member of Chopper Tattoo you can view thousands of tattoo designs. Once you have found a design you like you can click on the design, enlarge it and then print it. They also have thousand of tattoo lettering to choose from should you wish to include lettering on your tattoo.

You can also search Chopper Tattoo for tattoo parlors near you.

Tattoo Me Now

Link: Tattoo Me Now

Tattoo Me Now offers a tattoo design gallery, a tattoo member photo gallery, and a tattoo studio directory. Additionally, you get 4 bonuses, 3 tattoo ebooks that you can download right now, and a secret bonus.

Tattoo Design Gallery - There are more than 3,507 tattoos in the design gallery to choose from. You can find the design or designs that you like and print them off for the tattoo artist. You can have a design modified to make it your own design, or combine two designs to make a unique design.

Tattoo Photo Gallery - You can use the tattoo photo gallery to get inspiration for your new tattoo, upload photo's of your new or old tattoo and receive ratings and comments from other members in the gallery to get to know what others think of your tattoo. You can also download photos from the member photo gallery as well.

Tattoo Studio Directory - There are 10,409 in the US, the UK and Canada listed in the tattoo studio directory. You can find studios in your area, you can find the tattoo studios in your area and check to see if there are any reviews, call them, visit their website, or google them to find out more. You can write your own reviews and rate your experience and level of satisfaction with a certain studio.

Tattoo My Brain

Link: Tattoo My Brain

Tattoo My Brain is a tattoo design gallery with over 6,000 designs of all types. The author collected these tattoo designs from all over the globe, and asserts that even the most fussy customer can find a tattoo design that they like in this collection. You can download and print as many designs as you like. You can take your design to the tattoo studio and have the design personalized, or combine two designs for your own unique tattoo design. Tattoo my brain comes with 5 bonuses, ebooks on subjects other than tattoos.

Tattoo Ideas

Link: Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo Ideas offers a subscription page which you must sign up on first to get to the sales page where the ebook "Tattoos Unlimited" is for sale. This book offers hundreds of tattoo designs as well as other practical information about tattooing, and tattoos. The tattoo templates in the ebook are clearly drawn and easy to follow. You also get 3 tattoo related bonuses, 3 ebooks, when you purchase this ebook.


This is an audio sales page, and offers a Tattoo gallery of over 550 designs with a bonus of over 400 tribal and Japanese character tattoo designs. You also get a bonus ebook, "Got Ink" which tells you everything you need to know about getting your next tattoo, and also includes more tattoo designs.

Tattoos Design Package

Link: Tattoos Design Package

This is a package of 5 ebooks about tattoos and including tattoo designs. Here they are listed for you:

Got Ink - All about your next tattoo and includes hundreds of designs.

XTASYS Tattoo Designs - There are 300 original tattoo designs in this package.

Tattoos Unlimited, 3Rd Edition - There are over 300 tattoo designs in this ebook.

700 Best Flash Tattoo Design - Hundreds of quality tattoo flash and tattoo designs.

You And Your Tattoo - Easy to read ebook that will provide you with realistic information about tattoos.

Ultimate Tattoo Ebook

Link: Ultimate Tattoo Ebook

This is the ebook "Got Ink", which is all about tattoos, and provides hundreds of tattoo designs. This offer comes with 2 bonuses, a tribal tattoo bonus with over 150 tribal tattoo designs, and a Japanese character bonus with over 90 of the most popular Kanji symbols and their meanings.

In Conclusion:

After reviewing each offer it occurs to me that it is really all about what you are looking for in a product. If I were looking for the most value for my money, I would choose the "Tattoo Me Now" package. If you are looking for The most designs that you can find, I would choose the "Chopper Tattoo" package. If you are looking for a package with an ebook that you can download right now and read information about getting a tattoo and tattoo designs, I would choose either, or possibly the "Tattoos Design Package". Good luck on your search for the "perfect" tattoo!

Tattoo Design - And Becoming A Tattoo Artist

Claim Your Free Copy Right Now!
Claim Your Free Copy Right Now!

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