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Tattoo Ideas: Zodiac Signs -- Gemini

Updated on December 12, 2012
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Gemini (May 21-June 20)

The third sign in the zodiac, Gemini originates from the constellation of Gemini whose sign looks like a roman numeral two to represent "the twins". Because of the dual nature of the twins, Geminis can be very complex and contradictory. Enlightened Geminis are adaptable and versatile; unenlightened Geminis can often be two-faced and fickle. On the one hand, Geminis are enthusiastic about taking on new projects or embracing new hobbies. They'll devote time, money and energy to learning a newtrade. On the flip side, Geminis get restless rather easily, which leaves them jumping from one hobby or project to another, sometimes without completing the first. My mother, whom I love dearly, is a Gemini, and in my lifetime she has owned her own business, Hodge Podge Aviaries, housed in our attic where she raised hand-fed baby birds so that they would be gentle and docile when eventually sold to families; she was certified as a veterinary technician; took home courses to become a medical transcription, sold Avon, took up and excelled at archery, was a karaoke superstar at the place where she waitressed, took up and excelled at ghost hunting, took up and excelled at photography (those are the two interests that strongly persist to this day) and is now breeding geckos in our rec room. I love her enthusiasm.

My grandmother and brother are also Geminis, and as a Taurus, they are the people I get along with best in the entire universe. Geminis are affectionate, kind, respectful, mild-mannered, sympathetic. Geminis are naturally intuitive and intelligent. They have a mental dexterity that allows them to grasp concepts quickly and fully. Whatever you do, DO NOT ASK GEMINIS TO MAKE A DECISION. I can remember long moments spent with my mother shopping at a pet store while she decided between the 17" lizard branch and the 20", or while my brother looked for the perfect greeting card at Hallmark.

Geminis love to talk. They are natural collectors so they love to pick up new ideas and share information with others. They make excellent writers and teachers, so their conversations are never full of idle, shallow chit-chat. When they talk, they are actually saying something. As twins, they have an ability to see any dilemma objectively, to see all sides of a problem, and as such they make great listeners and are very comforting to their friends and loved ones. A Gemini is the person you go to when you need a shoulder to cry on. In love, Geminis are free-spirited and romantic.

Geminis appreciate variety in life, and their interests can often tend towards the novel and unusual (dragons, UFOs, vampires, etc.) They have a healthy skepticism while still maintaining an open mind to that which cannot be seen. Gemini's ruling planet is Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, which causes them to always be moving, seeking, learning. Gemini rules the arms, shoulders, hands, nervous system and lungs. Nervous disorders and pulmonary problems can be common issues with Gemini. Geminis is an Air sign, which can account for their tendency to flutter from one project to the next and their communicative nature via either the spoken or the written word.

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    • profile image

      Savannah 5 years ago

      I couldn't describe me better,...or could I? Lol true tho I love looking up any and everything and talking my pals to death about it. Didn't mention that we often tend to be the perfect asshole when needed.

    • profile image

      Kristi 7 years ago

      WOW! Love the blog, I'm amazed because I'm a gemini and i Felt like i was just reading about myself. Us geminis are fuc*in awesome definetly one of a kind!!!!

    • profile image

      Cory 8 years ago

      LOVE this blog. I'm a Gemini and this described me to a T. Didn't waste my time with this. Thanks

    • msms profile image

      msms 8 years ago

      becauseilive, thanks for exposing the vulnerabilities of Gemini... how human nature depends on the months of his birth?

      I am Gemini and what becauseilive says is true to me but HOW?