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Tattoos: Choices, Types, and Variations

Updated on September 7, 2017

The good, the bad and the “what the hell were you thinking?”

There are as many reasons why someone gets a tattoo, as there are tattoo’s out there to get! The imagination is the limit!

My small business has put me smack dab in the middle of the inked up world. I no longer see faces when I meet people. My eyes go straight to the ink!!!!!!

Please know, I approach most things with humor…….except for, family, my freedoms and my hard earned money……I have no humor when it comes to those things.

My intent is not to upset anyone with my opinions or information I’ve gathered over the years and am now choosing to share with you.

The good, the bad and the “what the hell were you thinking?” Tattoo's, they all amaze me!

I’m of the age, where we as children, paid fifty cents to see the tattooed man or woman behind the curtain, at the side show at the circus! Whores and sailors were the only ones who got a tattoo….and you didn’t go to a shop, you went to a parlor. The parlor was made out to be a seedy place where only the “bad/evil” people hang out. I’m sure some of you remember those days! Maybe some of you and family you know still feel that way. Give them a break…..they’re allowed an opinion too. Just smile and say thank you. That confuses them, because they are expecting a tattooed person to be aggressive. That’s what they’ve told me, I just laugh.

Do It Yourself Basement Ink

The ink that makes me smile and defend the most? The ink you applied in the basement of your mom and dad’s home! I love that ink!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, it’s horrible! Absolutely horrible, but in my humble opinion should never be covered up!!!!!! Unless of course you choose too, you have no judgment here. Here’s why I love and defend that basement ink when you were so young and stupid! It’s your innocent past! Your childhood friends! Memories! Memories that can slip from your thoughts as you age until something or someone triggers them. Take a glance at that permanent decision that you made, and it all comes flooding back! That night you and your buddy got a hold of an ice cold beverage, some herb and together made a choice!!!! Neither of you knew what you were doing, nor could either of you draw a straight line, let alone a set of dice that had dimension! I’ve seen a lot of knives and daggers and some really jacked up skulls!!!!! Basement ink!!!!! It’s the best comedy!!!! I love to hear basement ink stories!!!!! Nine times out of ten, the person sharing the story has a huge smile on their face! That’s why I love and defend basement ink!

Perfect Example of a Basement Tattoo!

Perfect example of what I call a "basement" tattoo. lol I enjoy this very much!
Perfect example of what I call a "basement" tattoo. lol I enjoy this very much! | Source

Prison Ink I Think It Is Amazing!

Next on my list of amazing ink……prison ink! I must admit, I am unable to determine whether it is prison ink or just black ink, and I’m sure as hell not going to ask. I do notice that some, and let me repeat that, some folks that are wearing prison ink, do not want to talk about it. I’m fine with that. Now the other side of the some, that carry prison ink love to show it off! That is when time stops for me! I’m sure there’s some crappy prison ink out there, but I’m here to say, I’ve yet to see bad prison ink!!!! I can’t even begin to imagine, what the artist’s challenges are when tattooing in prison. The result, is crazy awesome! What amazes me? The portraits!!!! Holy black ink!!!!! Portraits have got to be one of the hardest things to create…..on the human skin. The eyes, the lips, the nose! The ink that has hands/fingers, again I say amazing…..I’d like to do an article on this for sure.

Not the best example, of prison ink!

I do not know this person. If there is any affiliation ink here, I am unaware of it, And "not" my intent to share.
I do not know this person. If there is any affiliation ink here, I am unaware of it, And "not" my intent to share. | Source

Affiliation Ink Clubs Gangs

I would imagine that member affiliation ink and prison ink can go hand in hand, but I won’t touch that with any other comment then, I respect everyone and question nothing. I’m looking at the tattoo’s quality and beauty. If someone chooses to share the reasons behind one’s choice of ink or affiliation, I see nothing but passion and commitment. Regardless of how a person feels, you have to respect the passion and commitment. We all have a story, and it isn’t always for us to know.

(I will not be showing "Affiliation" Ink. Without signed permission, and I'm not asking anyone's permission!)

Organization Ink Military Patriotic

Organization Ink! You know what I’m speaking of, the military ink! Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard, and all the organizations formed out of patriotism, loyalty, courage and a wanting to make a difference for us all to remain free. Well as free as we can be. I am a retired military spouse. Nothing makes me more proud then to hear the stories behind these tattoo’s, and to shake the hands of those who wear it with pride. My American Flag, Old Glory. The American Bald Eagle…..sometimes calm and watching, keeping us safe, other times pissed off and ready for battle!!!!!! Gives me chicken skin just thinking about it. My personal pride runs deep on this subject. Don’t mess with my vets. They belong to me!

Old Glory A Bald Eagle And An Anchor! (Nice Piece)

This to me, says it all! Old Glory, The Bald Eagle, and an Anchor! (sorry, I'm a Navy spouse! Had to go with a Navy Tattoo for this piece!)
This to me, says it all! Old Glory, The Bald Eagle, and an Anchor! (sorry, I'm a Navy spouse! Had to go with a Navy Tattoo for this piece!) | Source

Memorial Ink

Memorial ink, with much respect do I speak of this choice of ink. The emotion involved in this ink and the stories behind the reasons might just shred your heart. I’ve seen a lot of ink over the years, some older then I am, some as recent as in the process of healing. Death is for the living, and it doesn’t care who it hurts. If the loss of someone you love is so great that you feel they must be honored and a permanent reminder of who you are and what that person meant to you and you open and up and share that story? You can’t begin to know how touched and honored I am that you trusted me enough a total stranger, with tears in your eyes? Please know, from my heart, you are not alone at that moment. Just writing these words remembering some of them, I’m tearing up in prayer that they are at peace with their loss. I don’t care about the ink, if it’s good, if it’s bad. I’ll never disrespect the memorial ink. It’s all the best ink I’ve seen.

Memorial Tattoo Example

Sometimes, you get the honor of hearing about the loved one memorialized. That's what I love about tattoo's, the stories!
Sometimes, you get the honor of hearing about the loved one memorialized. That's what I love about tattoo's, the stories! | Source

So Many More Categories Of Ink

I haven’t scratched the surface of the different choices of ink out there, I think I’m more into finding out the reasons for peoples choices of ink. I’d like for those that disagree with the inked body, to understand the reasons behind the choices people make. To get them to understand that it’s not about being a rebel, or making bad decisions. Here’s a good way to start understanding those that are inked. Your judgement of others ink and the placement of where they choose to have it displayed, doesn’t make it go away. Look at those tattoos as a map of what that person might be going through, or what that person is proud of. Let it be something of beauty to look at. You are looking at someone’s soul, on the outside of their body. Just like when I see a face carrying many wrinkles, is that age, is it genetics, or did they carry their world on their shoulder. Or when I see a reached out hand asking for help, do I judge that hand if there is no blister? Not my call. Nor is it my call to judge someone for the ink they wear.

I hope some of what I said makes some sort of sense. My passion for the stories behind the ink are way greater than the ink it’s self……but without the ink…..there is no story.

So show us your ink! Tell us your story…….

© 2017 Michelle


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