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Tattoo's Tattoo's Tattoo's, Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Tattoo.

Updated on September 11, 2013


There are all kinds of tattoo's. If you want a tattoo you'll have to pick out your favorite.
There are all kinds of tattoo's. If you want a tattoo you'll have to pick out your favorite.

Check out the tattoo's on this guy.

Check out the tattoo's on this guy.
Check out the tattoo's on this guy.

Tattoo Information

The first thing most people will ask is will it hurt. Well yes it will. Having needles pierce your skin does hurt. The better question might be is, how much will it hurt? And am I sure I can handle the pain in order to get the tattoo I want.

We can tell you its not nearly as bad as you might imagine. Its nothing like getting an injection with a needle if that's what you fear. Instead it's a cluster of needles at the end of a tattoo gun and most people agree that its more like a vibration. And your body releases endorphins quickly to deal with the pain.

Also keep in mind that the pain will vary depending on where on your body your having the tattoo applied. Be sure that you don't drink alcohol or take asprin before you get your tattoo. Both thin blood and could cause you to bleed. After all your probally reading this because you are interested in getting a tattoo. If your interested fully a third of people who get tattoo's regret getting the tattoo afterwards. So think about your options carefully. Maybe you should consider getting a temporary tattoo to start with and see how you like it.

You know people get tattoo's for various reasons. Why are you interested in getting a tattoo. Are you doing it to please a partner or loved one. Do you belong to a group of people who all have tattoo's. Or are you getting a tattoo to show your independence and uniqueness. If your not getting your tattoo for yourself and your 100 percent sure you want one then really consider getting a temporary tattoo until you see how you like it and know for sure you really do want a tattoo.

Most Tattoo Parlors have some really great beautiful temporary tattoos that they can sell you and you can't tell modern temporary tattoos from real tattoos. And you know the really great thing. If you find you don't like the tattoo or your family freaks you can quite easily remove a temporary tattoo. You can't easily remove a pernament tattoo.

If you have a pernament tattoo applied it will pretty much be with you for the rest of your life. Pernament tattoos can not be easily removed.

Check Out This Guy

Here we have a man who has carried his tattoo's to an extreme.
Here we have a man who has carried his tattoo's to an extreme.

How to Care for a New Tattoo : New Tattoo Care & Moisturizing

How to Care for a New Tattoo : How to Wash a New Tattoo

How to Care for a New Tattoo : Tattoo Care & Peeling

How to Care for a New Tattoo : Tattoo Care & Scabbing

Caring For Your New Tattoo

You should care for a new tattoo almost exactly how you would a sunburn. You should leave on the dressing supplied by the tattoo artist for a few hours or overnight. After you remove the dressing from your tattoo wash the area and the area around it with warm soap and water gently. Dry the tattooed area and the area around it well and apply a thin coating of antibiotic ointment. Any of the over the counter antibiotic ointments will work well. After the first few days keep the area clean and apply vaseline to keep the area moist and keep down itching. Resist the urge to scratch the tattooed area. Do not go swimming for a few days after you have a new tattoo applied.

Be sure to choose only a reputable tattoo artist. You want to be sure that the tattoo artist uses only sanitary practices and that the tattoo shop is clean and it will usually be inspected by the state or county where it is located. Especially in the United States.

And be sure that you follow the instructions for aftercare of your tattoo. You will want to be sure that you keep your tattoo clean, bold, and clear. If you've done your homework right and picked a good tattoo artist they are going to provide you with clear instructions on how to care for your tattoo including how to clean it and how to keep it so it will remain bold and clear.

You'll usually be told to keep the bandage on your tattoo for 2 - 24 hours. Once the tattoo artist is through they should clean the tattoo area and apply a anti-bacterial ointment. Once you leave the tattoo shop leave the bandage on for as long as you were told to and resist the urge to peek at it or show it off to friends.

Once you do remove the bandage be sure to wash the tattoo area carefully with antibacterial or antimicrobial soap. Use your hands to gently wash the tattoo and the area around it. Gently rub the area with your hands to remove any spilled ink or blood. At this time don't use a sponge or washcloth because both can contain hidden bacteria. At this time don't put your tattoo under directly running water. Use care when dealing with your tattoo until you know it is healed completely.

Be sure to follow the directions that the tattoo artist gave you concerning your new tattoo. Don't expose your new tattoo to direct sun light as this can cause damage. If your new tattoo is under your clothing you should wear loose fitting clothing while the tattoo is healing.

You should not shave the tattoo or the area around it until you know that it is completely healed. If your new tattoo itches apply a ice pack to the area. This will help to stop the itching. Even after your tattoo is healed it may feel a little bumpy but this will go away with time. I can not stress enough that you should carefully follow the instructions of the tattoo artist concerning your new tattoo.

I always caution people to make sure that any needle used to put a tattoo on you is clean and new. If the tattoo artist doesn't use a clean new needle go to another shop. Used needles can and do spread bacteria and disease. So be sure to insist on a clean new needle.

Tribal Tattoo Art Examples

Tribal Tattoo Art

Tribal tattoos are now very popular. And their popularity seems to grow every day. Above is a great photo gallery of tribal tattoo art for everyone to look at and enjoy. A lot of tattoo parlors have books of tribal tattoo art for you to browse thru and pick out the tribal tattoo art you want to use.

The Maori Tribe in New Zealand was one of the first tribes that we know of that used tribal tattoo art. The Maori used distinctive tattoo art to decorate themselves. And it was not long after the first white man showed up in the land of the Maori that tribal art tattoos started to be used around the world.

Tattooing was wide spread among the people of the Polynesian Islands and one of the greatest mysterys of our time is that very simular tattoos have been found in Peru and the Easter Island area of the Pacific. Long time tattoo artists who have studied the tribal tattoos from both regions say it is unlikely that two tattoos so similar could not have occurred naturally so far apart. Most believe that a tattoo artist from that day and time in Peru ended up on what is now Easter Island some way.

Many other native tribes from around the world also use tribal tattoo art. The Ainu people or tribe from Japan used tribal facial art tattoos thousands of years ago. Some plains indian tribes in the USA used very simular tattoos to the Ainu in Japan.

People have been using tribal tattoos in Europe and Asia for at least 5000 years. The Ice Mummy found in a glacier in Austria had 57 tattoos mostly tribal tattoos. So yes tattooing has been around for quite a while.

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A Maori Chief with his distinctive tribal tattoos.
A Maori Chief with his distinctive tribal tattoos.

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