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Even Girly-Girls Need a List of Vintage Must-Haves

Updated on April 25, 2014

Vintage Dress worn at Vintage Fashion Show

Vintage Fashion Show
Vintage Fashion Show | Source
Victoria Moore in vintage dress at vintage fashion show.
Victoria Moore in vintage dress at vintage fashion show. | Source
Victoria Moore in a vintage Edwardian dress at vintage fashion show.
Victoria Moore in a vintage Edwardian dress at vintage fashion show. | Source

Great Feminine Finds That Make You Feel Like A Lady

   If you believe what you see on the news everyday you'd think this is a bad time to be a woman. Instead of old-fashioned chivalry women have to sometimes resort to acting tough and hard just to survive. What do you do if you still want to celebrate your femininity despite the necessity for pepper spray and self-defense classes? Collect vintage clothing and accessories that allow you to be a girly-girl. By getting in touch with your inner lady you can find the solace and strength you're looking for. This form of soft retail therapy has worked for me as long as I've been collecting, so I'm devoted to passing it on to whomever needs it. Throughout all of my shopping expeditions many finds have caught my eye and dollars but 10 have remained my favorites.

   "Why are they so special?," you might ask. Because they're affordable, attractive, fun and versatile. For those starting out on their first collections too they're plentiful enough to reduce frustration over prices and availability.

   One of the mainstays of a girly-girl collection is a pretty frock that can be worn for casual as well as dressy occasions. Reese Witherspoon wore costume designer Arianne Phillips' 1950s renditions of June Carter Cash's cutie pie dresses in the movie "Walk The Line" and Miuccia Prada recently brought back their silhouette for Fall 2009 making that era's fit and flare style look fresh again today. I've found them at antique malls, thrift stores and vintage fashion expos for under $100 in a wide variety of colors, fabrics and patterns so you probably won't have any trouble finding one either if you really want one.

   On those occasions when a simple, but dazzling accessory, is enough to inject femininity search for a Lily Dache hat, a small decorative bag, a pair of rhinestone rimmed sunglasses, a floral scarf or a piece of costume jewelry. All can be found for under $100 at thrift stores, garage sales, on-line or at vintage fashion expos. The most special thing about wearing a hat by one of our country's most renowned milliners is its sheer glamour. Whenever I wear my red, white, blue and yellow straw "Dachettes by Lily Dache" hat I feel just like Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast At Tiffany's".

    Purses, whether made out of velvet, satin or beads can't help but add to a ladylike collection especially if they're small with just enough room for a compact, handkerchief, lipstick, perfume and mad money. Designer names don't usually matter to me when I'm buying these because I'm looking strictly for arm jewelry.

    I hope some of my enthusiasm about these collectibles will help you on your own shopping trips and bring you as much joy as they've brought me.

Top Ten List of Girly-Girl Must-Haves:

1) 1950s-1960s dresses

2) Decorative hat (1930s to 1960s)

3) Decorative purses (1920s to 1960s)

4) Rhinestone rimmed sunglasses

5) Floral or decorative scarves

6) Costume jewelry (1920s to 1960s)

7) Compacts

8) Handkerchiefs

9) Gloves

10) Boudoir accessories (perfume bottles)

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