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8 Mistakes You Make When You Wash Your Hair

Updated on December 29, 2016

Is It Possible to Wash Your Hair Incorrectly?

It turns out it is! We want our hair to always look perfect, but it depends on how we take care for it. Of course, it depends on whether you are having the hair masks, whether your are trimming the ends when it's time to, and whether you are using the quality products. Everyone knows about it. This pay attention to everything. But washing the hair usually falls between the cracks (isn't that simple enough?). And here is where the mistakes begin...

Hair Washing Mistakes

  1. Drying hair with the towel. Friction damages the structure of the hair. Instead of towel drying, wrap the hair with the towel and let it absorb the moisture naturally.
  2. Using too much shampoo. More doesn't mean better. At least if we are talking about shampoo and conditioner. According to trichology specialists, the amount of shampoo should vary depending on the frequency of your hair wash. If you wash your hair daily, you shouldn't shampoo it twice. Leave that to those who wash hair twice a week.
  3. Washing hair too aggressively. The habit of rubbing and scrubbing your head is the sure way to the thinning hair. All the movements should be soft and gentle.
  4. Being in a hurry and not rinsing the roots well enough. Meanwhile all the problems come from the roots. The golden rule of great hair is well rinsed root zone and application of proper balm or conditioner.
  5. Not using conditioner at all. The conditioner not only stabilizes the pH balance of the hair, but also makes it more shiny and silky. The only trick is that the conditioner should be applied to the hair itself and to the ends, not to the roots.
  6. Rarely washing the hair. It is pretty individual. Someone can skip hair wash for a week and still look perfect, while another person needs hair wash every 1-2 days. You should take into account how oily your scalp is. Washing dry hair often is as harmful, as washing oily hair rarely.
  7. Washing the hair with hot water. Hot water is the enemy of healthy hair. It opens the scales drying the roots and the hair itself. The water for hair wash should be warm and at the end of the wash, the hair should be rinsed with cold water.
  8. Constantly using a hair dryer. Using a hair dryer is of course very convenient, but when hair is soaking wet, it's better to let it dry naturally. Then, when hair is slightly moist, you can style it using a hair drier.

Need more information on how to wash the hair properly? See below.

Seven Useful Advice on Hair Washing

  1. Brush your hair before the wash.
  2. The water temperature should be not more than 120 F (50 C)
  3. Use the shampoo specifically made for your hair type.
  4. Change your shampoos from time to time. According to the speciliasts, the hair gets used to a certain product and that prevents them from getting all the benefits from the shampoo.
  5. Pour some shampoo into your palm, lightly rub between your hands, and then gently massage into the scalp. Don't try to apply as much shampoo as possible. You will not be able to wash it off completely, and the hair will become dirty fast.
  6. Rinse hair with cool water thoroughly.
  7. At the end, wrap you hair with warm towel and let it dry.


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