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The Art of Concealment: Cover up dark circles - and imperfections

Updated on July 6, 2014

Cover up dark circles and imperfections like a pro!

It would be a wonderful thing if we all had flawless skin 24/7 - no dark circles, no zits, no fact, we are hormonal, stressed-out-most-of-the-time human beings. As much as we'd like to glide through life with a perfectly alabaster complexion, most of us - unfortunately - are just not that blessed. Enter concealer. I consider it my best friend If i were stuck on a deserted island (with the possibility of running into Matthew Fox or Josh Holloway of Lost), I would forgo all other makeup products and be happy with a stick or pot of concealer. So take time out to look through this three-step procedures to a perfectly concealed face.

* TIP: For dark circles, use a concealer that half a shade lighter than your skin. For other imperfections, chose a cover up that matches your skin tone exactly.

1. Dot

To cover up dark circles (or bags), dot on your favorite concealer in a semi-circle right under your eyes. This is possible with any form, whether it be a wand, stick, or pot concealer. To hide zits, dot on a small amount directly onto it. Likewise with discoloration or redness.

2. Dab

Spread the concealer onto problems areas by dabbing gently. Do not rub the concealer into your skin because you'll end up removing most of it. If you feel that your zit is not invisible enough, another thin layer and dab gently again It's all about building up.

3. Pat

Set concealer by patting on your favorite translucent face powder, Don't apply colored powder (pink, blue, or white) or powder that is too dark on your problem area because it'll just call attention it --- which is the opposite of what you want. Use a powder that either matches your skin tone or is half a shade lighter.

Suggested products:

  • Maybelline Perfect Concealer
  • Revlon ColorStayPressed Face Powder
  • or you can conceal using a corrective concealer like B Kamins Booster Blue Corrective Concealer. It works a moisturizing concealer which includes vitamin B to strengthen the delicate skin around the eye, green tea extract to minimize wrinkles and iron oxide to reduce redness. This formula also soothes irritation and prevents itching — which is important since rubbing your eyes can damage tiny capillaries and exacerbate dark circles.
  • Also consider using a concealer with SPF, to prevent future sun damage that might trigger hyperpigmenation or darkening of the skin around the eyes.

NOTE: If you do not want to use a concealer, and want a semi-permanent fix, you can always try household remedies to lighten up your under eye, or to avoid having puffy eyes. Cold cucumber slices, cooled herbal teabags, or even a ice cold spoon may help bring down swelling within a few minutes. If you do not have the at-home ingredients available, you can always try Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye mask. It has oxygen, vitamin c and cucumber extract, which may help your eyes become brighter and smoother in 15 minutes flat.


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