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The Beauty of Body Art

Updated on January 12, 2020
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I have been a writer fo a few years, I love being able to write articles and blogs for everyone to read.


Reasons Why People Decide to Get Body Art

Body art comes in many forms, some of these include Tattoos, Piercings, Scarrification, Stretching of skin or body parts, Implants and much more. Many people have been attracted to getting most of these body motifications done for several decades. Most of these body modifications stem from cultures and have so much meaning behind it, whether it's from a personal stand point or for religious purposes.

Tattoos in the Body Art Industry

Millions of individuals in this generation have tattoos, you rarely find anyone without a tattoo. Rules and regulations have put a age limit on tattoos, in most states in the United States of American have to be at least 17 with parental consent to even get a tattoo, but the main age limit for tattoos is 18 years old. For most Tattoos are the best way to show off your individuality and proving to others that you don't have to be normal to fit in. Being comfortable in your own skin is better than trying to fit in.

Reasons Why People love to Modify Their Bodies

1. Freedom of Expression- it's an outlet for many people to be outside of the box and not fit into that category of being normal or fitting in.

2. Religous Beliefs- many cultures incorporate these body modifications in their everyday religious practices, some that aren't a part of these religions like to explore and experiment with these body modifications.

3. Fashion statements- Most people in the body modification world, use this as their sense of fashion, to be inspired or inspire others.

Scarifications in the Body Modification World

Scarification is the process of cutting or slicing an image into a part of your skin, leaving you with a beautiful image. Many find this body modification to be an oddity or taboo. But this too is another form of self expression, self love and being out of the norm and being yourself. This is a painful process, but then again any type of body modification is painful but it also varies on your pain thresh hold and tolerance.



Many people across the world have piercings and may get those piercings for various reasons, but the most talked about reason is wanting to be unique and outrageous. These piercings vary from ears, nose, tongue, septum, lip, belly button and many more. These are all of different forms of beauty to several people and religions, many religions practice these everyday or get these modifications to prove they are worthy to their God.


The Beautiful Art Work of Body Modifications

Body modifications have been around for generations and will still be around for decades even after that. Self expression is one of the biggest things everyone focuses on especially in the fashion and beauty industry. Those with body modifications are not trying to fit in with any types of crowds or categories this world comes up with.


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