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The Benefits of a Body Scrub: 4 Easy Scrub Recipes

Updated on November 22, 2011
Salt for a body scrub
Salt for a body scrub

4 Body Scrub Recipes

There are several very good reasons to treat yourself to regular body scrubs

- it cleans and exfoliates the outer layers of your skin by removing all dirt, oils and dead skin cells

- it stimulates and circulates the lymph fluids which in turn help eliminate toxins

- it is a stimulating massage that improves blood circulation

- it helps the body produce its own natural oils

- it also prepares the skin for any additional treatments such as using a moisturizer

Tips on how to most effectively do your body scrub are included after the recipes

Use the body scrub tool of your choice. This can be a small towel, sisal mitt, loofah, brush or sponge. I use my hands.

Body Scrubs Recipes

Beginning with the easiest and one I have often done. If you need incredibly soft skin tonight, for whatever good reason, you may want to try:

1 - Buttermilk and Salt Scrub -

1/2 cup buttermilk

Salt - enough to make a moderately thick paste

- Gently massage this body scrub using a circular motion. Be sure to rinse thoroughly. I find it best to lather up using Dr. Bonner's liquid soap - or use the soap of your choice to make sure you get rid of any hint of a buttermilk smell. Then rinse and rinse again. Super soft skin. A body scrub prepares you to use a moisturizer if you so desire. I always use pure Shea butter. See link below for information about Shea butter.

- Rinse thoroughly, pat dry, moisturize

This is a good scrub for a beginner. A little goes a long way. It helps remove dead skin cells and conditions and softens the skin. The abrasion from the salt is just enough to polish the skin while helping to increase blood circulation. For this recipe I have always used a fine-grained salt.

Note: Although you may find recipes calling for sea salt, I use sea salt for food preparation and have used regular salt from the supermarket to make this buttermilk salt scrub and it worked very well.

Also to soften and condition skin

2 - Apricot Kernel Oil and Sea Salt

2 cups coarse salt

1/4 cup apricot kernel oil

- Make a paste and massage gently into the skin

- This scrub will help remove dead skin cells and leave it soft and conditioned. It provides just enough abrasion to polish the skin, increase circulation, and stimulate lymph production to eliminate toxins while also triggering the skin's own natural oil secretion. The apricot kernel oil is rich in emollients and vitamins A and D, and is easily absorbed. It is also beneficial for healing damaged skin.

- Rinse thoroughly, pat dry and moisturize

For Dry Flaky Skin -

3 - Sea Salt and Rosemary Oil

1/2 cup coarse salt

1/4 cup Rosemary oil

- Make a paste and rub over skin using a circular motion

- This body scrub is beneficial for dry and flaky skin. The salt exfoliates the skin, while the rosemary oil has a tonic effect and will help increase blood flow.

- Rinse with warm water, pat dry and moisturize

For Dry Irritated Skin (No Sea Salt) -

4 - Avocado, Oatmeal and Almonds

1/2 cup almonds

1 cup dry oatmeal

1 mashed ripe avocado

1 mitt

(Save the avocado pit)

- First grind almonds in a blender on a coarse setting. Then mix with oatmeal. Put mixture in the mitt.

- Scoop up the mashed avocado using the mitt and rub into your skin

- Because it is rich in vitamin E, oatmeal is known for its anti-itch, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Almonds naturally have emollient properties and when ground they work as a natural exfoliant. The avocado has vitamins A, D and E and has collagen-rebuilding properties as well.

- Rinse and pat dry

Note: The avocado pit makes a nice massage tool to use after the scrub

Body Scrubbing Tips:

- Scrub in a circular motion starting with your feet, ankles and legs. Next do your hands, arms, shoulders and work your way down your back and then up through your torso in the direction of your heart.

- A final cool water rinse will activate blood circulation

- Body scrubs help to revitalize and energize and are therefore best used earlier in the day

- If this is your first time using a body scrub be very gentle on the skin it may take a few treatments before you can scrub more vigorously. You may also want to start with a fine-grained salt.

For more spa ideas, see the links below:

Ready for a Body Scrub?

Are you planning a body scrub now?

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