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The Best Beauty Counters for Make Overs.

Updated on April 25, 2016

Oh yes!

Getting a make over causes change. Its suppose to be for the better. Oh sure, we all know about the busted up relationships, divorce, getting off my diet and all sorts of disappointments that happen in our lives. All good reasons to want to start over and turn over a new face to make ourselves feel better.

But what about just having one just because you want to. Girl, you don't have to

have a reason to treat yourself! But does where you go to get your make over really make a differene?

Just remember You Count!

We as women always feel quilty for wanting to make ourselves feel better when, deep down, have you never walked by a beauty counter and just wanted to stop and be pampered for 10 or 15 minutes?

Pamper Thyself!

Get the Whole Scoop.

Be sure you ask all the question you want. Do not feel intimidated. No question is ever silly or ridiculous so don't be shy. Be sure to listen to all instruction the Beauty Advisor gives you. Then when your on hour own always besure and read the instructions on the product to be sure or as a reminder of instructions you might have forgotten.

So many counters! So many brands!

Well, yes! It matters. You really want the very best from your make over, you know ,since its free, most of them are. Because, when you go YOU are looking for a new you, while THEY are looking for a big sale. So, which should you start with? Well, honestly, I would stay away from, Walmart, Target and CVS. Yes, sometimes they have beauty advisors there and sometimrs even people with beauty degrees but they are probably not commissioned and really don't care what you buy or if you buy.

You really want someone to guide you to quality and actually show you how to apply the stuff, after all, if you do buy it theres nothing worse than buying something and then getting home and not knowing how to use it.

Now down to the "Foundation"at Hand!

The best beauty counters by brand to my expectations and I have experienced all of these, are Shisedo, Lancome, Clinique. These are, by far, the best for service and quality of product. The Beauty Advisors are always professional, caring and very well informed individuals. They are not there just for their commission. They actually care about your skin and you will have a friend for life!

Now, you can find these fantastic beauty counters in Macys, Dillards and other fine stores such as these. Be sure to be patient and kind to them as they can only give quality service to one person at a time. But I can assure you that your time will be well worth it.:-)


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