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The Best Hair Products Ever for African American Hair

Updated on February 28, 2013

My pockets have given years of loyalty to Carol's Daughter. The variety of products, the store's spa like atmosphere, the scents and the fact that it was great on so many variations of African American hair had me hooked. I would have a steady supply of Khoret Amen oil for my hair and knew when there were going to be changes in any of the product lines. I was definitely a Carol's Daughter Product Junkie. And then there was Pooka!

While I still love the scent of Carol's Daughter's products, I wanted to try something that left more moisture in my hair since it soaks it up like a sponge. About a year ago I was reintroduced to Pooka. My favorite beautician told me about it a few years back and then I saw some of the products at an event, smelled it and wanted in!

Pooka is easily my new staple and I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon. My current favorite is the Shea & Olive Hair Butter. It leaves my hair so soft and smells delicious! I use that and the Nectar Hair & Oil treatment to seal in the moisture and my hair instantly gets a boost of life. I started this combination after seeing my favorite hair youtuber do something similar with different products.

Yes, Pooka also has body products.

Next on my Pooka list to try:

  • Coconut Crunch Body Butter
  • Coconut Crunch Sugar Polish
  • Honey Almond Body Oil

Don't just take my word for it, you can look the company up in past issues of Essence Magazine, Hype Hair and Black Enterprise and read the comments on it's Facebook Page. What is written here is just my take and what I here from others that have tried it and we want to see Pooka around for a long time. If it ever closed, I would sit patiently to buy some out of the owners kitchen! Yes, it's that good! Thankfully, that's not something to worry about right now since there is a Pooka shop in Orange, NJ for anyone in the Northeast that wants to experience Pooka first hand and Pooka can be purchased online.

No matter what product you end up trying from any company, make sure it works for you. Get the smallest size they have and see how it works for you. Try one product at a time for your hair to see which ones are working and which may not be. If you do not already have one, develop a routine for your hair. It will help you manage your hair a lot easier and make it easy for you to see when you may need to switch something up or add to your product arsenal.


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