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The Best Makeup Mirror Money Can Buy

Updated on November 24, 2013

How I Stumbled on the Best Makeup Mirror Money Can Buy

My partner and I visited Las Vegas recently and stayed at the Fabulous Venetian Hotel. When you walk into the Venetian suites, the first impression is that the room(s)'s layout seems unusual but sensible.

Entering the bathroom, you notice the impressive shower, double sinks, and tub as well as something I have never seen in my travels - a chair, makeup mirror, and table.

Perched on the table, the makeup mirror just stood out. Granted, I don't visit 5-star hotels around the world so this was a first for me.

But pay attention - this hotel picked this particular mirror to place on the makeup tables in its hotel suites. It should look perfect on the table, work flawlessly, and from a business standpoint, be cost-effective.

Did I find the perfect makeup mirror? It had to stand up to our standards.

Look to the Right in This Picture

Identifying the Makeup Mirror

The polished chrome Venetian makeup mirror is a Conair.

The mirror featured the following:

  • a two-sided mirror (regular and 7X magnification),
  • soft lighting around the oval mirror, and
  • 3 separate light settings (day, night, office).

Also, the mirror did not tip over easily (and I tried to tip it several times).

The picture shows the closest facsimile I could find online. It is difficult to find the separate light settings even on the Conair site.

Click Conair BE151T Double-Sided Illuminated Oval Mirror, Chrome to see the pictured mirror.

Testing the Conair Makeup Mirror

I used this mirror for 3 basic functions:

  • Applying light makeup (at the bathroom makeup table).
  • Tweezing eyebrows (in another area of the hotel room).
  • Hair rolling (also at the bathroom makeup table).

In all cases, the mirror lighting was sufficient (or I changed it to the best setting) and I was able to accomplish the task. The 7X magnification seemed perfect for eyebrow tweezing.

Also, the mirror was not heavy; carrying it around the hotel room was easy to do.

We Bought a Conair True Glow

When we arrived back home, we shopped around for the Conair makeup mirror that came closest to the one we saw in the Venetian AND matched our d├ęcor. We picked the Conair True Glow Double Sided Lighted Mirror 1x/7x Magnification, Satin Nickel pictured on the right.

It sits on the vanity out of the way of other vanity items and close to an electric outlet. My partner uses it in another room, while I use it from the vanity.

It sure beats the side-lighted mirror we used in the past. Hopefully, that one ended up in the trash!

Final impression - it's helpful to test-drive a consumer product before you buy one, even if it is as simple a tool as a makeup mirror.

What Makeup Mirror Would You Recommend?

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    • profile image

      Elise Miller 3 years ago

      We just stayed at the Venetion last weekend and I told my husband I wantded this mirror for Valentine's Day!!