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The Best Place to Buy Side Support Bras

Updated on November 7, 2012

Side Support Bra

A side support bra is a type of undergarment that gives support to the sides of your bra so as not to “spill” it sideways. When you are wearing this bra, your breasts will not bulge out from the bra top, because they will be pushed inwards together for a well defined cleavage. Most women with extra large fronts are aware how this type of bra can help them achieve a better appearance. However, they do not know how to go about to make a great purchase – buy from a boutique or place an order online.

Before the pros and cons of buying side support bras online will be discussed in this article, it will probably help to understand some facts about selling lingerie online. When these undergarments started to be marketed on the Internet, many people have guessed that it will not succeed. These people believe that lingerie such as bra are a personal and intimate garment and women will of course want to see and feel them first before buying. Well, that was several years ago. Today, you can see that the people who guessed the online bra business is going to fail have proven themselves wrong.

The sad thing about this online business is that most women still cannot decide where to make their side support bra purchases – online or at department stores and boutiques. Like other things, buying physically or online is not always the best approach. The following are some points to consider when you are deciding to buy from stores or online.

It is advantageous to buy in stores if:

  • You need your side support bra right now,
  • You only need a few inexpensive pieces, such as a plain white or black bra,
  • You are in a situation where you need to be fitted repeatedly because you have special needs (example: you’ve undergone mastectomy),
  • You know your bra size has changed and you haven’t taken your current measurement (changes in size of your bra can be caused by weight loss/gain, pregnancy, age, or childbirth).

Buying online would be better if:

  • You enjoy getting the best deals because you are a bargain hunter,
  • You prefer buying from niche markets or small label designers which are commonly found on the Internet. (Examples of niche markets are the eco-friendly bras, retro bras and hand-made bras),
  • You do not need your bra right now and you can wait a few days for your order to be delivered,
  • You value variety so much. There are wider selections of bra from online boutiques than brick and mortar stores,
  • you know already your size and how your size varies across the brands,
  • You want to save time and money. When you shop online, you can find dozens, or hundreds, even thousands of pairs without taking up your whole day. It will also keep you from traveling long distances just to have your bra purchase.
  • You want convenience, with no lines to wait. With only a few clicks, you can make your selection, pay, checkout and wait for the bra to be delivered, while sitting comfortably inside your home.


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