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The Best Soap for Men

Updated on July 25, 2013

Dudu Osun: The perfect soap for men

If you ask what is the best soap for men, you might as well ask, what is the best soap for body odor, what is best soap for oily skin, and a dozen other questions because men can be a sweaty, smelly bunch. So what soap is best?

Some men will tell horror stories about Irish Spring. It just doesn't cut it. It's all perfume and no performance. Worse still are those who have turned to body gels and loofahs to do scrub their stink. These soaps fail because they count on their strong fragrance to overpower your natural body odor. If you have strong body odor, especially under the arms, it may be caused by a build up of dead skin, bacterial, and deodorant. That's right, deodorant might be making you smell bad. Old anti-antiperspirant, if it is not washed away, acts like glue. When you are sweating, this glue works block sweat glands, but as it builds up, this glue holds in dead skin and bacteria. A good soap can cut through this glue and wash away the smell, but a lot of soaps on the market can't. Usually, the stronger the fragrance of a soap (think anything that has an ocean-theme), the worse it is at actually cleaning you.

The answer is to ditch the mainstream soaps and turn to something natural like Dudu Osun Black Soap. This soap from Nigeria is a natural formula of citrus and aloe. It gets the job done.

When you open a box of Dudu Osun, you immediately know it is going to make you smell great. The fragrance is strong, but not over-powering. It has smells that one would encounter in nature or in a kitchen. Compare that to many soaps that have smells that could only come out of the laboratory.The first time I used Dudu Osun, I left the shower with zero underarm smell. With Zest, Irish Spring, and Dial, I always had the faintest smell that was covered up by their fragrance. With this soap, nothing. Not even a hint of body odor.

The next thing you would notice about it is that it is indeed black. Its dark color is unlike anything you will find on the shelves at the supermarket in the U.S. It has the look of something that is much more like the soap your grandparents used. Why is this good news for you and your skin? Modern soaps have additives and perfumes that can strip your natural oils. After all, when your skin is stripped of oils it is also clean. But your skin produces oil for a reason. The same companies who make soap, you will notice also make lotion. Their soap leaves you dry, so you will buy and use their lotion.

Dudu Osun leaves your skin clean without stripping it completely of natural oils. Think of it as soap and lotion in one. No more ashy skin.

The last thing you will notice is that Dudu Osun is larger than most soaps. I have it sitting on the shelf next to a box of Zest. The 150 gram Dudu Osun dwarfs the 112 gram bar of Zest. This is key for two reasons. Firstly, I grow tired of running out of soap all the time. Many soap companies of have found ways to sell smaller and smaller bars of soap. (Maybe they won't notice if we make the bar curvy.) The second reason that size matters when it comes to soap is that Dudu Osun is more expensive, but you are getting more soap per bar. So do a gram by gram comparison if you are the cost conscious type.

The final reason why Dudu Osun is the best soap for men is that it is not anti-bacterial. That's right I said NOT anti-bacterial. Some men who have a strong body odor use anti-bacterial soaps because they believe they will kill the bacteria that is making them stink. If this is true for you, then keep on using anti-bacterial soap, but I suspect this isn't true for many. You need bacteria on your skin. There are both good and bad bacteria. Don't try to get sterile. Another reason you should avoid anti-bacterial soaps is because they are bad for fish (and bad for fishing). The ingredient many anti-bacterial soaps use to kill bacteria is triclosan. This chemical builds up in local rivers and lakes and disrupts the ecosystem.

The final problems men might face is problems with itchy skin or body acne. Dudu Osun soap can help with these problems too. If back acne is an embarrassing problem for you, try changing your soap. It might be as simple as getting your skin chemistry back on track.

What is the best soap for oily skin?

You might think that the best way to deal with oily skin is to use a soap that strips you skin completely of oils, but the truth is that will not solve the problem. The best is to use a soap that works with your skin to keep protective oils on your skin. Then, your body won't need to produce as much. The best idea is to also wash the oiliest parts of your skin more than once a day.


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