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The Best Sports Bra for Large Breasts

Updated on March 25, 2014
Enell Sports Bra for Running
Enell Sports Bra for Running | Source

This bra is the best sports bra for women with large chests. Whether you are of average build and have large breasts or you are a plus size woman who wants to go running or workout without the bouncing breasts, this bra is for you. If you are reading this article, you most likely have tried layering two or even three sports bras in an effort to keep your bust from bouncing wildly up and down. I have tried dozens of different sports bras for running and high impact exercise (as in anything that involves movement of any kind) and after years of chaffing and layering bras, I finally discovered the best sports bra ever. The true test for me was running a marathon in this bra. I ran the full marathon without even thinking about how my ladies were faring, which is a testament to how good this bra really is. It. Is. Amazing.

What Makes the Best Sports Bra for Big Breasts

There are certain characteristics that I require in a great sports bra and the sports bra by Enell met most of my stringent criteria. I am 5' 4" tall, 125 pounds and range from a DD (E) to a DDD (F). I tested various sports bras while training for a marathon and this one surpassed the rest by far. Here is what I loved about the Enell sports bra that turned out to be the best sports bra for me:

  • Minimal Bounce- This sports bra design uses compression and encapsulation to hold your chest in place. I don't even notice my breasts bouncing when I run in this bra.
  • Front Closure- This bra has a hook-and-eye closure on the front of the bra, so you aren't reaching behind your back trying to do the clasps.
  • Moisture Wicking Fabric- Despite the full coverage of this sports bra, it is not too hot- especially when you compare it to the three bras I used to wear at once. The marathon I ran was in July, and this bra was fine.

Cons of this Sports Bra

The downsides of this sports bra are certainly outweighed by the pros, but I will share them with you nonetheless.

  • Full Coverage- This is a full coverage running bra for women with large breasts, so you won't be wearing a skimpy tank-top with spaghetti straps. You will need to choose running tank-tops with wide shoulder coverage or wear t-shirts to cover the bra.
  • Frontal Closure System- The first couple of times you try to put this sports bra on you will have a hard time. You will feel like you are suiting up in armor, but the security the bra provides for your chest is supreme.
  • Price- This sports bra is expensive, but it is worth it. It is well constructed and will hold up to miles of running without stretching out as long as you follow the washing instructions.

Take Your Measurements

This sports bra comes in a variety of sizes making it ideal for average body weight women with large breasts and plus size women. You will need to know two measurements: your bust size and your rib cage measurement. Most women know their cup size, but you should definitely measure around your back and chest just under your breasts where the bottom band of the sports bra will rest to make sure you order the correct size sports bra. When you first try on your sports bra you should wear it around your home for about an hour to make sure it fits correctly. At first it may feel too tight. You may just be used to the loose sports bras you have worn in the past, so give it some time before you take the sports bra off. However, if the sports bra feels too constrictive you may want to go up a size. You want to feel secure, but not overly restricted.

Enell Sports Bra Sizing Chart


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    • profile image

      Jan 3 years ago

      The best sports bra for large breasts.....sounds wonderful......but doesn't come in my size 36 G......disappointed once again. All I want is a comfortable sports bra that gives support but doesn't cut into my ribs ....but why don't they make my size?

    • Jean Rogers profile image

      Jean Rogers 5 years ago

      Thanks Mo19. I could not agree more!