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The Best and Natural Way to Suppress Dental Pain

Updated on August 24, 2012

Teeth are one of the most vital organs of our body and anything that happens to this organ brings about immense pain to a human being. Teeth are one of the major things that need to be preserved with high care if you like to enjoy having good food, even if you get old. Unfortunately most of us forget to give the required care for our teeth and this result in dental imbalance and decaying of tooth at a premature age. 70 percent of us are facing dental problems and most of us ignore such issues and takes it lightly.

The most important thing is that dental problems cannot be taken lightly as it has a adverse effect on our body and hence if you detect any dental problem your must tackle it as soon as possible by consulting a dental doctor. If you consult a dental doctor at the right time then you might be able to save your teeth from decaying more. But the irony is that most of us are reluctant to visit a dental doctor due to some unknown fear. For small dental pains, you can afford to stay away from a dental doctor. But if the pain is high then you should not stay away and must immediately consult a dental doctor.

Most of the dental doctors initially prescribe pain killer and antibiotic tablet when you visit them with dental pain. This will help you to suppress the pain and also prevent the dental infection from spreading more. Once you complete the course of the tablets, then only will the doctor be doing anything on your teeth. After the completion of the course, you will get rid of the pain and infection which helps the doctor to implement his treatment on his teeth.

There are a good number of people who prescribes medicines of their own when confronted with dental pain and most of the time they take pain killers and antibiotic tablets without consulting a dental doctor. This is one of the most dangerous things and if these tablets are taken without consulting a dental specialist, it might seriously damage your body's vital organs.

For those who are reluctant to visit a doctor, do not ever take medicine of your own to suppress the dental pain. There is one best and natural way to suppress your dental pain and that is by chewing clove. Clove is a natural stuff and is actually dried flower buds of a special tree. It has a unique taste and essence and if you have dental pain, you can get rid of it by gently chewing clove. You can also use clove oil for suppressing your dental pain and by using clove you are really avoiding any possible side effects on your body.

But the chewing clove is applicable only if your dental pain is of medium level and it is not recommended to just rely on clove if your dental issue is serious. In the latter case you need to consult a doctor, but for medium level dental pain you can really get rid of the pain by chewing clove or applying clove oil on to your teeth. This is very much effective for medium pain and the use of clove for dental pain is also mentioned in many of the ayurvedic treatments.


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