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The Calming Effects of Amethyst

Updated on May 7, 2013

Amethyst Stone Properties

One of the known tranquilizers that is natural is the Amethyst because of the calming and healing properties that it has. The Amethyst crystal is known to raise awareness and as well as consciousness of a person, which is good. The third eye of a person is also associated with this crystal, which is why people who want to have their third eyes active are wearing Amethyst. This crystal is also known to enhance vigor, stability and as well as the strength of the mental health of a person. When it comes to physical body, it works with pains that are chronic and the system of the central nervous of a person. Lastly, according to Feng Shui experts the Amethyst crystal can help the system of the body to become balanced from the blood sugar to its digestion.

In the ancient time, the Romans are using the Amethyst crystal for healing and protection against different intoxications. This crystal has also been use for guarding a person against witch craft. In fact bishops of the Catholic religion is still using this for piety and purity. Amethyst is typically available in different colors, from light green, dark purple, light violet and as well as white. Now if you are not yet familiar with the properties of Amethyst then reading the information below would definitely be ideal.

Protection Properties

The Amethyst crystal is known to give protection mentally and as well as spiritually. People who want to have this crystal as their protection should wear it as a necklace or as a bracelet. For practitioners of psychics, then should wear this crystal because it will help enhance the clairvoyance, clairaudience, and as well as telepathy. Another good thing about wearing an Amethyst is that it helps them to be protected against attacks that are psychic. People with addiction can also be protected with Amethyst, as the crystal will help them to overcome whatever addiction they currently have.

Sleeping Properties

People who are suffering from insomnia should put a cluster of Amethyst under their pillows or even their headboards. But before putting the Amethyst under the pillow, it is ideal to hold it first for you to be able to be relaxed. You need to make sure that you are standing while you are holding the crystal for you to be able to experience calmness. Once done you can put the amethyst under the bed, for you to be able to sleep soundly. Once the crystal is under your pillow, you can lie down and breathe slowly until you reach the state of meditative. In this way, you can surely fall asleep faster and more soundly.

These are some of the information and properties that you should know about the Amethyst crystal. The good properties that the crystal Amethyst has will surely help you and other people to experience calmness especially during anxiety periods. The reason behind this is because of the tranquility nature that it has. If you are one of the many people who want to experience tranquility then using Amethyst is definitely ideal for you.


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