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The Total Cost of Using Rogaine for Life

Updated on September 9, 2011
CC image courtesy of photosteve101 on flikr
CC image courtesy of photosteve101 on flikr | Source

Rogaine, or Regaine, is one of the best over the counter products designed to combat hair loss on the market today. It has been tested for over thirty years now, and its effectiveness has been demonstrated over and over again through various clinical trials and studies. Success with Rogaine is easy to achieve, but the catch for some is its price. If you plan on using Rogaine for a long period of time, prepare to make an investment. Knowing the cost of Rogaine is one of the top three factors anyone should consider before using Rogaine. Below, I have calculated the cost of the various versions of Rogaine for different lengths of time. Refer to the chart to see how much Rogaine will cost in increments of five years.

Base Prices

Men's Rogaine Foam 3 month supply - $36.52 (Amazon Subscribe & Save)

Men's Rogaine Liquid 3 month supply - $34.57 (Amazon Subscribe & Save)

Women's Rogaine Liquid 3 month supply - $43.68

Years of Usage
Men's Rogaine Foam
Men's Rogaine Liquid
Women's Rogaine

As you can see, Rogaine starts to get expensive when it adds up.  A few dollars here and there doesn't seem like all that much, but clearly, it is. For a thirty year old man or woman expecting to use Rogaine until the age of seventy, they would have to pay $5843.20 or $6988.80 respectively. When you consider the price of Rogaine in the long run, it makes you think twice about jumping on the bandwagon.

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