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The December's Story of Blue Gemstone - Royal, Stylish and Timeless

Updated on February 15, 2015

December Blue Gemstones

Blue Gemstones
Blue Gemstones | Source

The neutral and pale shades of fall take a back step and the craving of big dose of sunshine begins as winter approaches. You look forward to adding a dash of dazzle to your look and wearing the best of your wardrobe from head to toe with the arrival of the festive season. Choosing the right look without being colossal becomes an event in itself and how to accessorize is not a cakewalk definitely.

When you are so looking forward to draw eyes all on you, you can definitely look forward to the innate opulence of December's month gemstones that are sure to add grandeur to your attire. Whether you choose blue topaz, tanzanite or turquoise - the December month gemstones razzle, dazzle and make any outfit head-turning with ease.

Dazzle Like Royalty with Tanzanite

The mystical purplish blue hues of the twilight were caught in this enchanting stone, tanzanite. With not so much on history as it was discovered in late 1960’s, this new gemstone on the block offers dazzle no less than royalty. Making a lasting impression, the vibrant sizzle and dazzle of tanzanite jewelry attracts every woman who wants to owe the best statement piece of the holiday season.

Found on one place on earth, the rarity and beauty of this exotic gemstone is not lost on celebrities or designers. Peak at popularity, 2014 felt like tanzanite jewelry’s year as Pantone announced “Radiant orchid” as the color of the year. Hailing from the purple family, this bluish-purplish stone creates one-of-a-kind statement that you are so looking forward to this December.

Richness with Tanzanite
Richness with Tanzanite

Stand out of the crowd with Turquoise

Opposite from tanzanite, turquoise is one of the oldest gemstone known to man. Soothing to the eye, turquoise jewelry adds character to almost everything in your wardrobe. If you are looking forward to put together a memorable outfit, add turquoise jewelry to it. However grand the occasion, turquoise jewelry stands out of the crowd with ease.

Richness with Turquoise
Richness with Turquoise | Source

Enchant Everyone with Blue Topaz

No matter what if you are a jewelry expert or not, you cannot help but admire the sparkle and luster of blue topaz. Complementing both warm and cool color shades, blue topaz jewelry transforms any look with ease. Simply captivating, blue topaz, the dazzling December birthstone offers a milestone moment.

Richness with Blue Topaz Jewelry
Richness with Blue Topaz Jewelry | Source

Choosing Jewelry

When you are so looking forward to own a jewelry item of from any of these blue gemstones, you should keep in mind:-

  • Are you making an investment or you are fulfilling your fashion needs?
  • Are you conservative while choosing jewelry or you are looking forward for some “wow-‘em” jewelry?
  • Your wardrobe falls more on the feminine side or you are tilts towards minimalist and sporty?

Go Bold

If you are looking forward to create a bold impact with the cool blue gemstone, you can pick up colors like red and green or yellow in your attire. The red and green color schemes are akin to Christmas while the yellow denotes Easter. The combinations look lush and make a visual impact.

  • With tanzanite jewelry:- Mauve, pastels, fuchsia, rose, royal blue, orchid and shades of yellow, the velvety touch of tanzanite looks strikingly beautiful with all. With breathtaking intensity, tanzanite jewelry when crafted in yellow gold warmth or iciness of sterling silver, platinum or white gold has no limits to the sparkle and the dazzle of tanzanite. Black and white is also a classic yet stylish color choice with tanzanite.

  • With turquoise jewelry: - Neutral shades like white, black, beige, taupe and brown creates an eye-catching contrast with turquoise jewelry. Adding a pop of color, turquoise jewelry creates the perfect standout even with red, orange and soft yellow hue. From red turtlenecks to a white sheath dress, turquoise jewelry suits it all.

  • With blue topaz jewelry:- The serene shade of blue captured in topaz work wonders with warm shades of amber, orange, maize, citrine, crimson, coral and red-violet. Giving you a mod vibe, the blue topaz jewelry can take you from work to weekend with poise!

Budget Shopping!

When looking to buy that special piece to add to your wardrobe, you definitely think of a budget first! If you have a limited budget, turquoise jewelry will add a lot of the “wow” factor for not a lot of money. Blue topaz one the other hand is a middle-price treat. If you are looking forward to reward yourself and can go on a higher side scot-free, tanzanite- the rare and exotic gemstone is for you!

However, affordable or budget or low-priced jewelry shopping isn’t difficult to do. Browse online and you will find plenty of websites that are offering tanzanite, turquoise and blue topaz jewelry at attractive prices. Online Rising auction is also a good platform to buy affordable jewelry. Rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces bejeweled with these enchanting gemstones are available in extensive range to bid online (like Liquidation Channel). It makes saving money easy and you don’t have to put a restraint on yourself while going jewelry shopping.

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