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The Definitive Guide to Buying Barber Chairs

Updated on October 31, 2013

Barber Chairs

The barber chair is a vital piece of equipment for any company offering shaving or hair cutting services. Dating back to the biblical period, folks would be treated and groomed on specifically designed chairs for luxury.

Barber chairs are expected to keep clients content and stress-free at all times. This lets the barber or hairstylist focus strictly on giving the customer a great shave, hairdo, or haircut.

When picking a barber chair, it’s also essential to find one that is well-made, long-lasting, and trustworthy. An excellent quality chair will sustain your patrons’ security and promise years of performance.

Barber Chairs Are A Necessary Piece Of Equipment For Any Barber Shop Or Salon

Watch Out For Companies Selling Poorly Constructed Barber Chairs

Unfortunately, many businesses are beginning to sell below par barber chairs, and it’s making it hard to decide the good from the bad. Most of these chairs are weak and safety hazards because they can cause chair tilting. Others have ill-prepared mechanical parts that malfunction much faster and leave the barber chair unworkable. In any instance, it’s terrible news because it will leave your clients displeased, and you out of money and without a workable barber chair.

Barber Chairs Date Back To Biblical Times

Best Features That Every Barber Chair Should Have

The main step to choosing the correct barber chair for your business is to select what kind of chair you favor. Both barber and salon chairs come in an assortment of classes including traditional, all-purpose, and European, and each one has exclusive purposes and uses.

A significant feature that every chair ought to have is the capability to increase or decrease the height of a customer. As formerly stated, certain barber chairs are poorly manufactured and cannot endure the usual wear and tear from people sitting down. In turn, the height adjustment doesn't work, leaving the chair broken. Make sure your barber chair has a top-quality hydraulic pump and a satisfactory sized base to stop this from occurring.

Check Out The Basic Functions Of A Barber Chair

Safe And Satisfied

When an individual is in your barber chair, your number one obligation is keeping them secure. Some folks may reason it’s not likely for someone to get wounded during a haircut. However, picture a sharp razor close to a customer’s face or neck while they’re sitting in an unsteady chair. The likeliness for an injury occurring increases significantly. Make sure your clientele is safe and pleased by getting barber chairs that contain a lock-in-place recline and swivel apparatuses, and support feet beneath the footstools.

Relax And Recline

Barber chairs should also be capable of reclining and swiveling 360 degrees. All barbers and hairstylists fancy a chair that can lie back, because it makes services like shaving and shampooing easier to do. Moreover, a patron is more reachable for the beautician when they can turn the chair all of the way around and don’t have to shuffle from side to side.


Also, there are countless other elements to recall when selecting a quality barber chair. The head supports should be adjustable and detachable to house an assortment of customers, the fabric and padding must be acceptable to deliver a comfortable experience, and the superior chairs will be erected from steel.

Barber Supplies

Check Out Top Barber Chairs

So now that you have a better knowledge of what to look for while purchasing barber chairs, why don’t you learn which chairs are the finest in the hair industry! For extra info, look into Top Barber Chairs by clicking here.

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