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The Ethnic Wear Charm – A Beautiful Combination of Art and Culture

Updated on January 27, 2016

India, as we know it, is truly considered to be a land rich in cultural traditions. Not only does this impart a sense of liveliness to the culture in its entirety, but it also adds to the country’s ethnic diversity. Hence, it would not be an overstatement to relate the country’s fashion trend with its culture. Indian ethnic wear continues to prevail, both within the country and beyond, despite the fact that the major population has taken to western clothing ideas for their everyday clothing. The ethnic wear for women though has a completely different story to tell. Gone are the days when expensive designer wears and corner-side tailor shops were the only specialists’ one could go to when looking for something elegant.

As a matter of fact, ethnic salwar suits and sarees are more in demand now than ever before, with the internet buzzing alive with dozens of exclusive e-commerce portals selling trendy ethnic wear online. The tradition of wearing ethnic wear in special occasions is just not a trend or tradition, but something that women give a lot of time and effort into. Keeping this in mind, here is a brief overview of the ethnic wear market in the country and its view among the people.


In Trend – The Indian Ethnic Wear

If looked closely, it can be rightly concluded that though the ethnic wear in the country seems to be inspired by global designs and colors, it has not been derived from any. And neither does it have any dependence on any given fashion forecast. Artistic touch of the rural craftsmen still remains the primary source of inspiration for ethnic designs. This is precisely where the trend sets in too, for these include a variety of sources to be considered. From Kutch embroidery to the simplicity associated with south Indian designs, the country’s fashion has a wide range to choose from.


In this year’s trend, the focus seems to be shifting towards contemporary but traditional styles. Surveys and researches indicate that ethnic gowns are regaining market space, along with the rise in demand of ghagras and long jackets. These seem to be ideal for frequent get-togethers, and are not expensive either. Another trend which is rising is the pairing of kurtis with denims and skirts. Cropped jackets and waist coats are also expected to make a comeback this season.

The Online Ethnic Wear – Expanding Boundaries

Quite similar to the way ethnic wear has successfully been able to expand in urban regions, the revision of marketing strategies by major brands has increased the online sale of ethnic wear in tier II as well as III cities. Lifestyle shift and more disposable income are some of the factors leading to this move, as is changes to customer behavior. The online ethnic wear market in India is worth more than 30K crore INR itself, and this is just not due to the fact that smartphones are now more popular than ever, but also because ethnic wear has not lost its charm yet. With an ever increasing number of platforms available for the skilled workforce in this sector to showcase their talents on, ethnic sarees and salwar suits sales are set to grow higher.



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