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The Fashion Craze of the Croc Franchise

Updated on February 22, 2012

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Seems Like a Croc of Bull to Me!

"Croc"; say the word outloud. It simply speaks for itself. It sounds like someone is clearing phlem from their throat or regirgitating in a most foul manner. How can these bulky, plastic, multi-colored horrors be called fashionable? To be honest, they were never meant to be. The origination of the "Croc" is a Boulder Colorado company which came up with the idea to create a slip resistant, non-marking shoe for boating and the outdoors. Little did this little company know they would begin a trend to span the nation and create a happy smurf-like appeal for all the plastic shoe lovers out there.

What is it about this fashion craze? The great thing about Crocs is the versatility in style and use. Did you know you can get Croc's in almost every color imaginable? They even have sparkly crocs. Does anyone remember the jelly shoes of the 80's? I do believe a flashback is ensuing. I bet you also didn't realize they now have high fashion crocs, dressy crocs, leopard print crocs, crocs with heels or wedges, boot crocs and here's my all time favorite; mammoth crocs. These are basically just really big crocs which look like giant plastic ski's on your feet. Also, for all you sports fans out there; they now make Crocs which can be designed with your favorite sports team or even your local sports team. What says team player more than a Croc, really? All these fabulous elements have ignited this euphoric Croc fetish. With so much selection, how can you go wrong? You can even buy mother/daughter Crocs or match the whole family! I think personally; based on the popularity alone; a Croc franchise is the way to go! Why not? Why not open a "Croc Shop"! Maybe the branding team can design plastic Croc like headbands to match those bracelets they have these days. You know, the ones that support one cause or another or simply mean something like; never been kissed. This could be the next step in the hysteria actually. Color coded Crocs. Blue for unemployed. Red for Pissed. Green for Horny and so forth. I am truly on to something!

So, for all you fashion trend Croc wearers; Croc is now coming up with more deisigns. I am still waiting for the Croc that has roller skates but I am sure that is next on the engineering platform. They have already targeted the seasons fashions with sandal crocs and crocs with fleece linings. You will never need another pair of shoes. Happy Shopping!


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