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The Headache Every Girl Suffers From: Dresses or Skirts?

Updated on March 21, 2015

Have you ever spent 15 minutes deciding whether to wear a dress or a skirt for your date? Holding up an elegant dress in one hand and then turning to the stylish skirt in the other hand. And of course, spending minutes staring back and forth between the two.

Fret not! Today, I shall discuss the pros and cons of both apparel. Hopefully, this will cut down the time spent hesitating what you will wear the next time you go out for your date.

Apparel from Mango (
Apparel from Mango ( | Source

Monotony vs Diversity

Dresses aren’t as flexible as skirts.

You can mix and match your shirts and skirts to produce the best combination for the occasion. But you can’t mix and match your dresses. All you can do is to choose the best dress for the occasion.

This means that your dresses are classified under categories such as chic, casual or elegant. On the other hand, your skirts cannot be this easily categorized. Instead, its style will change according to what top you match your skirt with. As a result, skirts offer more variety than dresses.

If you wear the same dress every day, people will notice and might be bored of the same old dress. Or worse, they might doubt your fashion sense.

But if you wear the same skirt and match it with a different top every day, the attire still varies from day to day. You’ll be producing a fashion style that amazes and changes daily. Hence, there is a chance that you might wear skirts more frequently than dresses.

Timesaving vs Time-consuming

Precisely because dresses are monotonous, you don’t have to spend time thinking what clothes to match it with. All you need to do is choose a set of jewelry, a pair of shoes and a bag to match with your dress.

On the contrary, skirts are diversified. On top of choosing the jewelry, shoes and bag, you also need to match the top and skirt. They need to be compatible. Hence, you have to spend extra time for a style check.

As you can see, wearing a skirt will mean a longer to-do list. If you’re in a hurry, I’ll suggest that you choose a dress. And if you have time to spare, you can leisurely mix and match your clothes for the best outfit.

Expensive vs Cheap

Most of the time, dresses are more expensive than skirts. Obviously because a dress is counted as a top and bottom while a skirt is merely the bottom. So a dress is something like a 2-in-1 kind of apparel.

However, you should bear in mind that quality also plays a crucial element in determining the price of your dress or skirt. Hence, a high quality skirt can be more expensive than a low quality dress.

Apparel from Mango (
Apparel from Mango ( | Source

Which do you prefer?

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These are just some pros and cons of both apparel. You will have to choose according to the situation and perhaps, your own personal preference.

The decision lies in your hands.

Putting these pros and cons aside, do you prefer dresses or skirts?

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© 2012 nicole-cw


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