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The Home SPA Treatment for Your Hair

Updated on July 15, 2015

Day-to-day tension and stress can cause your beauty to suffer and your hair undergoes onslaught of hectic lifestyle, stress, pollution and much more. So, hair spa treatments have become a quintessential need for most of us. Indeed, hair spa provides deep relaxation, nourishment and, most importantly, hydration to your hair. It is also a great way to pacify you distressed mind from the stress. You can infuse a healthy glow into your locks with simple spa treatments and a few professional hair care products even at home. Furthermore these treatments can come in handy and relieve you of problems such as frizzy hair, dandruff, hair fall and etc. Also the home spa options can save you time and money.

How to do Hair Spa at Home Naturally : For Normal & Dry Hair

Dandruff Treatment at Home *Naturally*

Beet Your Hair Problems at the Home SPA

Dry and frizzy hair

Unless your hair is extremely fine, use a deep conditioner and be sure to leave it on for at least five minutes. This heavy dose of conditioner coats the hair shaft, making it harder for moisture to sink in.

If your hair is dry and unmanageable frizzy you need to consider protein treatment - look for the products enriched with proteins which will help better hair condition.

Also keratin can tame down unruly curls and soften the hair. You should use a sulphate free shampoo, so the treatment lasts you longer.

When looking for the hair care products, grab options with Moroccan oil coming from aragon oil. The natural oils that accumulate are good frizz fighters. Moroccan oil is non-greasy and comes to the rescue for dry and damaged hair. Also you could pick up serums or masks with jojoba oil and massage your hair and scalp at home.

After the hair spa rituals don’t towel dry your hair. It roughs up the hair's cuticle so that it won't lie flat, which makes it look frizzy. Instead, use a super absorbent micro fiber towel to gently press the water out of your hair.

for the final touch apply serum with silicone ingrediants. They work by coating each strand to make sure the cuticle stays smooth.

Hair fall

Between dye jobs, stress, and styling, growing hair can be a beyotch. Take time for the hair and use use products accelerators and illusionist tricks to have the Rapunzel moment.

If you are suffering from a severe hair fall problem, it is best to stick to a mild shampoo and keep away from chemical based ones. Hair follicles are only 1.25 mm below the surface of the scalp, so cleansing ingredients really can reach them. If you are feeling that your shampoo is too intensive you can mix some water with it for a lighter consistency. Look for formulas enriched with vitamins E and B5, zinc, iron, and copper - they increase keratin production, the building block of hair. These ingredients can help to eradicate dry skin cells from the scalp and increases the blood circulation. Hence, this helps in strengthening the hair follicles and increases hair growth. Be patient - make your spa treatments as a routine for a few months with the right products, and your hair will all go back to normal.

Dry shampoo and volumizer are nonnegotiables. Choose a cocktail of ingredients with oils, herbs.

Also try few tricks after the spa treatment which will lead you in getting longer, thicker, sexier hair. A cut - specifically one that involves long layers as well as a few around the face - could be a key to fuller look. Layers create a stacked effect, allowing more air and movement and therefore fullness between sections. Fake natural-born thickness with thin highlights. Bleach causes individual strands to expand, so they feel and look thicker. The mix of light and dark pieces also creates more depth - key to the full-body look.


Having a sensitive inching scalp is a very common hair problem and a regular hair spa treatment with thoughtfully chosen products could definitely give you some relief from it. Dandruff can give you the impression your scalp is dry because of the dead skin cells and itchiness and because it commonly strikes in cold weather, but it is actually most common on the scalps of people with oily skin. A scalp massage with the products enriched with glycerin or sweet almond oil should soothe it immediately.

Pamper Your Hair at the Home SPA

Fine Hair:

Pick a shampoo from the volumising range - look out for products that help to 'build body', 'volumise' or 'thicken' your hair. Ideally you're looking for products that contain proteins, these will help to coat the hair, making each strand look thicker and seemingly have more body. Similarly chose a conditioner for your hair type. Applying a conditioner just to the ends works much better for finer hair as it will hold a style more effectively. Use shampoo and conditioner of the same range as usually you need both items in combination to make it do the job.Consider using a pre-shampoo conditioner to help prevent breakage and over time, add volume.

Thick Hair:

You’ll definitely need a shampoo and conditioner that will help keep your hair smooth. Trie some professional hair care products which make your hair feel sleeker and softer, and left with some body and volume in it. Find products which are made with coconut oil, an ingredient that can help improve the health of your hair.

Wavy Hair:

Make a spa ritual to cleanse your waves. Use a lightweight, gentle shampoo that is strong enough to get rid of any product build-up but that won’t weigh down or stretch your waves.

Curly Hair:

The curlier the hair, the longer it takes for natural oils to travel from the scalp to the ends. Try a leave-in conditioner but be sure to pick the right formula to deliver moisture without weighing hair down. Recommends sprays for soft curls, thicker gels for medium to big curls, and denser creams for crimpy coils.

Colours at the Home SPA

Dyed hair requires special attention, so if you are fan of colours - be sure to get few extra professional hair care products specially created to take a good care of your colour teated locks. In a few hours at your home spa hair will become shiner, stronger and the colour will stay intense for a long period.

Condition! Condition! Condition! Conditioned hair will help your colour look shinier and even more. Even if you have fine hair, condition the tips, which are the oldest hairs on your head and have the most damage. Start at your ears and work your way down to the ends. It is strongly recommended to have a pair of the products - shampoo and conditioner of the same line of the products. For the coloured hair which need more attention, use products enriched with the anti-aging vitamin E, protective Corallina officinalis extract and moisturizing inulin.

The Home SPA Date Night

Haircare for men is important for many reasons, but really, it all boils down to maintaining the overall health of his strands so he can keep the signature hairstyle looking great. Turn your home into a spa for the night and you and your spouse can unwind from the busy week - melt the stress and share hair care products with the love.

One of the biggest priorities for a lot of men is making their hair look thicker. Fortunately, you may find special volumizing products at your shelf - select the right shampoos, conditioners and styling products for him.

A thickening or volumizing shampoo can make a world of difference. Keeping the hair clean while promoting a fuller look is really important as it helps the hair to maintain it's elasticity and removes all of that aforementioned buildup. Annoyingly, it is possible to both wash the hair too often or not often enough. If your man’s hair becomes greasy quite quickly, it could just be the scalp reaction to the drying effects of over-shampooing with excess oil production. To manage this, try to suggest using a dry shampoo on day two to soak up the oil and help boost his hair at the root. Alternatively, he may not be shampooing often enough and product build-up could be weighing the hair down after a few days without a good old fashioned wet shampoo.

Hair can get weighed down by build-up which makes it greasy, flat, and anything but full and healthy-looking. To steer clear of this particular problem, all you have to do is make sure he is using products that are specially formulated not to leave any residue.

One of the easiest ways to boost his style is with the blow-dryer. But we do understand that when a lot of guys hear the phrase "blow-dry," their eyes glaze over. In fact, he might actually be surprised at just how much of a difference a blow-dry can make to the finished look. So you should be patient and try to convince him to borrow your hairdryer, which ca be an essential styling weapon for both of you to have in your beauty arsenal. The heat sets the hair in whatever shape and direction it's dried it, giving a more precise, polished result. If he will be open to using a dryer, he’ll have way more styling options.

He can use the same professional hair styling products as you. This can help you to save money by investing in really effective products and useful ingredients.


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