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The Idea of Layering Fragrances to Last Longer

Updated on December 5, 2015

Mihail Simonidy - Winter perfume

Public Domain.  1910
Public Domain. 1910 | Source
An Old Perfume Bottle
An Old Perfume Bottle | Source
Perfume Formulas, 1910.  Public Domain
Perfume Formulas, 1910. Public Domain | Source

Helping Fragrances to Last

The market for perfumes and colognes is simply huge. You can still find huge sections in department stores and other stores dedicated to helping people smell good or better. It sounds so strange to put it like that but it is true! It is probably something humans have been trying to do since the beginning of their time on the planet. That is, to smell good, or at least better. Perhaps it was initially an attempt to cover up other odor, or any variety of things. Regardless, the idea is still around and never decreased in popularity.

When was the last time you spent some time at a perfume counter? Whether for men or women, it doesn't really matter, but you may have likely heard of the idea of layering of your fragrance. I first heard the idea come up a few decades ago, and at first blush it makes perfect sense. In fact, I don't mean to sound suspicious, but it still sounds like a great idea and it makes sense that more fragrance results in well, more fragrance!

The Basic Idea of Layering Fragrance

How does layering fragrance work? Well, the basic idea is to use not just the cologne or perfume, but to use many or all of the products that the fragrance comes in. Don't forget, that many makers of perfume are also making a bath gel, bubble bath or soap, along with possibly powders, lotions and creams. Then you might have a body spray, cologne, or actual concentrated perfume! One can't help but give a slight hesitation if the fragrance is say a hundred dollars or so. Then the other products are usually also right up there in price.

Is the Idea of Layering Fragrance Something that Works, or a Scam?

So the question becomes, "does layering fragrance, work?" Have you tried this before? I mean, like a before and after trial of the idea of layering fragrance. For instance, I heard it come up once in response to a young lady mentioning that her perfume or cologne is something she loves, but that she can't smell after an hour or two! The response I heard given to her is often repeated. They will say that she ought to try, or could try layering the fragrance. Then the suggestion is that usually you will have more time to enjoy the fragrance throughout your day if you layer, since it will last longer.

It sounds like it it would work, doesn't it? What I wonder about the most is the person who wore a fragrance that dissipated rather quickly, and then later tried layering to find that it caused the fragrance to smell longer, or throughout the day. See, this is where my skepticism comes in because if the chemistry of the body of the person with the fading perfume tries just more of the perfume, won't it fade also, no matter its form? If the perfume fades, will the same perfume in lotion form cause it to last any longer?

So the result, whether at Bath and Body Works, or the Chanel Counter at Nordstrom, is that more perfumed product is sold overall. Does the consumer win in this case, or just the perfume maker? The answer is probably varied, or likely a little bit of both. Its a wonderful gimmick if it is just a gimmick though, because people still want to smell good and the idea has been "sold" that more product causes it to last longer.

I find that a fragrance just lasts or not, period. Those are my favorites, if they are not too overbearing in the first place. I have taken back a fragrance that I absolutely adored, because it was too expensive to fade within two hours I was so disappointed. You don't want to have to keep spraying your expensive perfume all day long. Also, in that case, there actually wasn't extra product to layer with if I wanted there to be. Even if there was, I wouldn't have been able to afford it.

To any consumers of perfumes and related products out there, I am curious what your personal experiences have been in this regard. Please feel free to share below and vote or look at the results of our poll on the subject! To all the great perfumers out there, thank you for making great products, especially when they last!

© Copyright 2013 by Oceansnsunsets. All Rights Reserved.

Staying Power of Perfume - Poll

Does Your Perfume or Cologne Last long after putting it on initially?

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    • oceansnsunsets profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Hi Marina, thank you! I hope that you do try it and let me know if it is something that works for you or not. Thanks for the visit.

    • Marina7 profile image


      5 years ago from Clarksville TN

      This is an excellent article and I didn't know I can layer my fragrances but I will try it.


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