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The “It” Item: Beach Hats for 2013

Updated on August 13, 2013

The sun can really be torturous during the summer while you’re trying to enjoy yourself on vacation. That’s why we recommend protecting yourself with a stylish beach hat! Prevention is the key to having beautiful skin. We’ve seen women flaunting their bikini bodies for hours on end, and aren’t surprised when they leave looking more than flushed. Having a sun-kissed tan is great, but you don’t want to regret it ten years into the future! Fortunately, you can still look fabulous without putting too much effort into your outfit. For days when the sun is just too strong for sunscreen alone, complete your outfit with a chic beach hat!

Sun damage can be very serious and lead to brown spots, premature wrinkles, sagging, and melanoma. Even worse, skin cancer is most commonly found around the face, neck, and ears. Wearing beach hats are a stylish and practical way to stay safe outdoors. When you are choosing the perfect one, consider these three points:

  • Choose a wide brim hat of at least 3 inches to fully protect your face, scalp, and neck.
  • Hats that have heavier fabric and are closer woven will give you more anti-wrinkle protection.
  • Many women tend to develop wrinkles around the eyes first. Ladies with light colored eyes in particular, tend to be more sensitive to sunlight and induce wrinkles with their squinting even if they they’re wearing sunglasses. Wrinkles around the eyes are the most obvious sign of aging so be aware, ladies!

Here are some of our favorite beach hats! Each one has its own particular flare and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for you!

Flora Swell Hat by Greenpacha

Made in Ecuador, this boho chic hat features a floppy brim that brings about a carefree look. We just love the bright orange hue and its beautiful hand woven details. You can look effortlessly match it with a stunning white or black bikini to emphasize the color. This hat features a medium brim and will definitely protect your delicate skin! It has great length and easily shapes to your face.

The Eco Blake Hat and the Flora Banda Hat by Greenpacha

These two stylish fedoras will definitely give you some protection even though they have small brims. We just love how simple they are and how easily they match everything! The pink edge on the Eco Blake hat really adds a delicate and feminine touch, while the brown ribbon on the Flora Banda is the classic beach style. Fedoras have been hugely popular lately and it’s no surprise that they have become a beach necessity!

Lady Trim Hat by Greenpacha

For women who prefer a classier look, this fabulous hat is the one! With its simple ivory and black style, it eludes a beautiful and elegant vibe. This hat would look perfect with a sleek and sexy black bikini or a sheer and flowing cover up dress. Beach or not, this hat could work with your any outfit while your shopping or visiting friends. Plus, this hat is perfect for decorating with ribbons and pins!

Lady Sandy Salt and Pepper Hat by Greenpacha

This hat is definitely for women who love dress up and go all out with their styling. It features a lovely multi colored pattern and a wide brim that gives amazing coverage. Just picture yourself on the white sands of an island beach and lounging by the water. Wearing this beach hat would make it so easy to fall asleep and relax for the whole day! It’d goes great with a beautiful, form fitting maxi dress like the Lattice Strapless Dress.

Aside from the protection, beach hats are super trendy and keep you cooler on hot summer days. Get creative and tie cute ribbons or flowers to match your bikini! Beach hats are a total win-win situation, but don’t take our word for it. Celebrities like Bethenny Frankel, Sofia Vegara, Denise Richards, and Jessica Alba are constantly staying cool while on vacation or simply running errands. Pairing hats with tunics and dresses super fun because they are the most carefree and stylish ways to go! We hope you found a hat for your next trip to the beach. You’ll be looking fabulous and staying safe!


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