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The Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Updated on May 10, 2011

Everyone in the fashion world has been dying for a glimpse of the Kate Middleton Wedding dress right from the day the couple announced the wedding. It was therefore not surprising that the unveiling of this dress did create a huge impact. Done by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, it became an iconic moment in fashion history. The designer has been part of Alexander Mc Queen and recently took over as its creative director. The part she played in designing the royal wedding gown has definitely declared that the label is back in vogue.

The design on the lace itself was uniquely done. It is said that the workers who were doing the dress were told it was for a movie set and many secret pacts were signed to keep it hidden until the final moment. The needle workers kept washing their hands every half hour and also used fresh needles form time to time to maintain the pristine whiteness. The elegant wedding dress which was to be worn by Britain’s newest princess did have traditional Victorian corsetry. There was some padding at the hips giving it a more defined look when it was worn as part of the design. The unique lacework involved designs incorporated from daffodils, roses, thistles and shamrocks. The blend of these gave the lacework an intricate and delicate look that set off the dress very well.

The classic yet elegant Kate Middleton dress has grown wildly popular and demand for similar dresses are on the rise from many brides to be. The copies of the dress sold out within hours and every other accessory only added to its allure. From the Cartier tiara loaned to the bride from the Queen to the newly designed Robinson Pelham earrings from her own parents, every detail was perfect. It was all glitz and glamour. The dress compared to Diana’s had a modest train of just 2 meters and 70 cm in length.

The dress has received rave reviews from couture with other biggies such as Valentino nodding in approval. The dress is expected to be housed along with others in the royal ceremonial dress collection which has dresses dating back to the 18 th century. The white column dress worn by Pippa Middleton was also designed by Sarah Burton. Fashion experts are all busy working on their own creations mirroring this latest fad which will be on high demand from brides for the next 12 months.


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    • markmendez profile image

      markmendez 6 years ago

      Kate Middleton looks awesome in her bridal gown... SHe is really lovely and elegant. If only designers have the same artistic mind then there will be very many bridal gowns that we will see...