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The Last Article You Will Have to Read On Acne Cures

Updated on April 6, 2015

Dieting For Acne

Ever since I was around 10 years old, I had some sort of acne. It started as little pimples around my nose, ya know, the kind teenage girls freak out about. But it spread, to my cheeks mostly, and then my forehead and chin. And it stayed. I didn't have breakouts once a month, or an occasional extra few blemishes. It started bad, and once one blemish healed, it was already replaced by a new one.

So I bought products. And more products. And more products. And masks. And home remedies. And spot treatments. I even purchased Proactive, and other dermatologist recommended brands. I never got results. Maybe a little, but nothing close to satisfactory. Then I decided to look into the old myth that chocolate causes acne. So, I visited multiple websites and read many wellness articles and I learned that your skin is a reflection of how healthy your body is. They basically explain dhow your body’s health is directly affected by what you eat, not just how skinny you are, or how much you exercise.

I had tried everything else on this green earth! Why not diet?

Research and Results

And it worked wonders. After a week was out, I could have donated my concealer to charity if I wanted to. My skin was clear (actually clear!) and all that was left were the scars where the blemishes had been (but that's another story). So how did I do it? I started with the cause of acne. Pimples form when oils from the skin cannot exit due to blocked pores. This blockage results in a raised, irritated, bump. The trick to getting rid of my acne was to lessen the sebum (oils in your skin) production. Less oil would result in fewer blockages.

Then I researched sebum production, and it turns out, it is directly related to blood sugar levels in the body. The higher the blood sugar, the more oils produced. So, the chocolate "myth" wasn't too far-fetched. Diabetics are already in tune to their blood sugar levels because it affects their health, but the rest of us have no idea what blood sugar is, and if anything, would only confuse it with blood pressure.

Blood sugar is almost exactly what it sounds like, except the name can be deceiving. Yes, chocolate and candy are out of this diet, but your blood sugar can be affected my more than just sugar. I could give you an entire list of foods to avoid, but frankly, the rule to follow is simple.

What You Shouldn't Eat and Why

No sugar, white bread, or dairy.

WHAT??? But that's everything I eat! Exactly. If that is basically your diet, it makes sense why your skin is giving you stress. The science behind the reasoning is supported because there are parts of the world where no one, absolutely no one, has acne. And its all based on their diet. Us Americans, or any other first world country, where there is packaged foods a plenty will consume many more foods that will affect our blood sugar.

You may be asking, "but I know plenty of people that eat junk food and have perfect skin!" I do too, and honey, I wish I was one of them. But chances are they have genetics on their side. If you have enough acne to the point where you are looking up cures on the internet, you most likely do not.

It's a simple diet to understand, but harder to follow. (ain't it so with every diet...) Anyway, if you are going to try to eliminate your blemishes by lowering your blood sugar, it’s important to remember that that it will be the hardest to stop eating sugar in the beginning. If it helps, remind yourself that you can eat as much as you want of the right foods. Try taking a break from you weight loss diet for a week or so to help you focus.

Also, read labels. Packaged foods that are healthy, like granola for example can have 10 grams of sugar per serving. Make sure you know what is in the foods you are eating. A bagel may seem like a good breakfast choice, but bagels are a type of white bread. You can’t just avoid loaves of bread and strait cheese to get results.

A good substitute for milk drinkers is Almond Milk. It tastes wonderful, and still packs a lot of calcium. Dairy must not be confused with animal byproducts. Anything "dairy" must come from the mammary gland of an animal, so eggs are in the clear.

Good luck and I wish the best to all of you. If you know someone who could benefit from this information, please share this post.


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