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The Little Black Dress: Easy Simple Halloween Costumes from Your Closet

Updated on September 16, 2016

Witchy Fun Right from the Closet

The Little Black Dress Gets a Devilish Twist for Halloween

Are your in need of a last minute costume? Do not want to drop a fortune on a store bought costume with flimsy material that most likely will not survive the night? If that is case here are a few quick and easy options for that upcoming Halloween party that will not put a hole in your pocket book.

To create any of the below costumes all you will need is a basic wardrobe piece that most woman have: the basic little black dress. Instead of shopping the local department store you will be shopping your own closet. Best of all you already own all the merchandise so the their will be no hefty price tag.

Costume Supply List

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Going Witchy

The easiest costume to make utilizing the black dress is that of a witch. You only need to add a pointy black hat for everyone to know that just what or who you are. This basic costume can be simply worn or you can dress it up with some fun accessories you have or with some whimsical make up.

Accessory Ideas: Grab some bright scarves and tie them around your waist for a fun belt or even some rope for a more rustic witch look.

Do you have a bold pendent? If so why not give you witch a little bit of whimsy.

You can make you witch sweet or wicked depending on how you apply your make up. If you have face paint on hand you can always go for the Wicked Witch and do a full green face.

The hat make the witch so you will definitely need one. You may not have the time or inclination to purchase one (though a quick trip to your local dollar store will most likely help you locate one. You could make your own in a pinch with some construction paper and an old head band. Cut a circle for the base of that and create a small cone and attach it to the larger base with hot glue. Decorate it and then attach it the head band. This is a quick and easy solution assuming you have all the supplies handy.

Check out the below video for more details about creating a min hat for your costume.

Mini Witch Hat Tutorial

Vampire Anyone?

A Vampire is a pretty simple costume to put together. All you need for the vampire look is your black dress, a set of pointy teeth and a little dab or red make up at the corner of the mouth to suggest blood.

If you are a fan of the Twilight Saga you may want to add a little sparkle to your face, but to give it a more scary look using white powder to make you skin paler will be a must.

You could add a cape to your costume to give a more dramatic look, but it is not a neccissary wardrobe accessory.

Instant Vampire Costume

The Black Widow Costume

Another simple costume that does not require much work is the Black Widow costume. Sorry Avenger and arachnid fans I am not talking about super heroes or insects. Instead this black widow is out on the prowl for her next husband after just helping the last off to the other side.

For this murderous costume you will need to grab your black dress and put it on. To finish off your costume all you is some jewelry and a black veil. You can easily create your own veil with a head band, hot glue gun and some tulle. Just attach the tulle to the top of the head band. The veil should be black to match the dress. You could also purchase a veil, but that could be more expensive (the one pictured to the left runs under $15), or try to dye an old veil black.

Cute Black Cat Costume

Photo reproduced under CC BY-SA 2.0 licence
Photo reproduced under CC BY-SA 2.0 licence | Source

Black Cat Last Minute costume

One of the easiest costumes to pull together is the black cat costume. This costume is simple and sexy. All you need is the simple black dress, some cat ears and make up. You can use eye liner pencil to simply apply whiskers or do a more elaborate make up job. Up could even add the ears to your face make up instead of wearing them on your head.

Cat ears are easy to make. Just cut out some felt or foam ear pieces and glue them to a headband. These are easily found at your local dollar store if you are not the crafty type.

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