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The Most Beautiful Women

Updated on April 9, 2012

Beautiful and influential

A Beauty with a Brain

Who are the most beautiful people in our time? That question went through my mind as I contemplated on it. Then another question hit me, who are the most beautiful women in our time but also have done influential work as well.

As I researched many women I found a whole list of them but could only put up a handful so I apologize if one of yours did not make the list. Post a comment and maybe it will.

These women are not categorized under one group; they are more spread apart from the pack.

Adriana Lima:

A Brazilian supermodel that works for Victoria Secret, that first started at the age of 15 winning pageants. She has also acted in films throughout her career. At first she did not see herself ending up as a supermodel but as her portfolio grew she became well known. Her beauty brought her fame. But she also has brains as well as beauty. She knows English, French, and Latin.

Angelina Jolie:

This beauty is also a humanitarian and is mostly known as an American Actress. She is married to Brad Pitt, a well known actor, and is a mother to six children. Jolie first worked as a model and then became an actress. She changed her name from Voight to Angelina in 2002.

Britney Spears:

Started her career in her early childhood as a actress and then moved to an entertaining artist. She has sold millions of albums and has hit the number one charts a number of times. She is the best recording artist of our time. She is a mother of two adorable boys and is know working on her own fashion line.

Eva Mendes:

Was raised up by a car salesman and by a principal mother, also named Eva. She wanted to be a nun and never wanted to go for acting.

She graduated college and then pursued a career in acting. She first hit the commercials and then music videos. Then started acting as a steady job. She now has a bed linen line.

Check out more of the most beautiful women and there photos.


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