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The Only Real Cure for Acne

Updated on August 7, 2017

Big Pharma

Most of us are aware to a certain degree that pharmaceuticals is a massive profit industry. Think about this simple question for a minute: If your doctor prescribed you a medicine that actually cured you once and for all, how would they make any money and how would they stay in business?

Pondering this question myself, I had a revelation that opened my eyes to the truth. Of course we would all like to believe doctors are really out to help us - and many probably think they are - but the reality is they are all working for a bigger, more powerful, and more sinister cause. In fact I would go as far as to say this: drug companies are not out to cure you - they are out for your money... And as much of it as they can possibly milk from you.

Messed up right?

Well, lets get off the negative and focus on the positive.

Once you realize that you will not be truly cured by the prescriptions and pills they give you, it sets you free to think for yourself and do your own research as to what REALLY is the cure. This is a very enlightening and self empowering process.

Cure Your Acne With Raw Foods

The fact of the matter is this. Before you quickly close out of this window because you hate veggies with a passion, take a deep breath and create some capacity in your mind to consider new viewpoints. Wait! I said CONSIDER - NOT FOLLOW BLINDLY - THINK IT OVER FOR YOURSELF - DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

If this is the first time you are hearing this, it will probably come as a great shock and disappointment to you. It did to me too. But I didn't back out like a coward. I desired to know the truth at any cost - even if it meant drastically changing my lifestyle and giving up several unhealthy habits I had held for years.

So, let me guess. You have terrible acne, you hate how you look, you hate the fact that you can't tell if people are looking at you because of your acne or for some other reason...

Let me also guess that you love you some pizza. You love going over to that deli section at Safeway or Vons or whatever grocery store you frequent and loading up on fried chicken, mac'n'cheese, jo-jos, burritos, and/or pizza sticks. You love ice cream for desert. You loooooove you some good burgers, marinated ribs with barbecue sauce, fries and steaks. You love snacking on Doritos, Tim's, cookies, candy bars, and drinking soda. When you decide to eat some fruit or veggies it is usually processed and comes from a can - and even then it is a measly side-dish to accompany your meat...

Well I hope I got at least a few of those right...

Here is the truth - you will find it nearly impossible to get rid of acne if you consistently eat meat, dairy, and/or any processed or fried foods.

Deciding to take your health into your own hands is a BIG decision that comes with much hardship, changes, and sacrifices. But the end result is worth the struggle - and trust me, it gets better and better and better every day.

WHY does this work? (In a Nutshell)

Acne is interconnected with the levels of toxins in your body. In fact, your body is attempting to expel those toxins through the acne - that's why you have so much!!! Toxins come from all the bad, processed "food" you've been eating (and even impure tap water), the smoke you inhale, the drugs you've been taking, and the environment in which you live. The reason it is such a big problem is that you have been relentlessly filling your body up with toxins ever since you entered this world - every day consuming too much for your body to keep up with - so your body is simply overwhelmed. The FIRST STEP to solving this issue is to STOP ALL CONSUMPTION OF TOXINS. Once you take that pressure off your body, it is now able to eliminate toxins faster than you consume them. This is a difficult process because now all the buried gunk blockages and even stored emotional traumas within your body start to be unearthed, in the process of eliminating them. If you switch to a raw diet cold turkey, as I did years ago, you will probably experience a short period of "sickness" as I did. Don't worry - this is simply the buried toxins coming out and your body's natural process of balancing itself. You will feel better in a few days and you will feel extraordinary in a few more.

Don't Take My Word for It!!!!

I am creating this article to compile some valuable resources and enlightening knowledge about acne, skin conditions in general, and treatments/medicine in general.

Below are some great video testimonials about raw food and acne that I refer back to when talking with people I know about acne.


OK - here we go... The protein thing again. Cool your horses.

The fact is we have a very common misconception in this society about protein. In fact, most people consume WAYYYY TOO MUCH of it resulting in many of the myriad of health problems we face as we get older. Yes, I said it! Protein is making us UNHEALTHY.

Not to say you shouldn't consume any protein, but it is definite fact that most people consume unhealthy amounts of the stuff. On top of this, you really don't have to worry too much about protein being a raw foodist myself, I get everything I need to sustain myself off of raw fruits and veggies and haven't dropped dead yet (xD).. But in all seriousness, there is protein in plants and enough to fulfill your protein requirements... Don't worry, BUT PLEASE, DON"T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT - DO SOME RESEARCH!!! Here's a few links on the truth about protein to get you started:

(...and yes, this big giant muscular punch-your-lights-out gorilla eats 97% raw vegan. (the other 3% comes from picking up bugs when he gets bored))

Conclusion - Eat RAW and Cure Yourself!!!!

Stop relying on the big drug companies and draining your pockets on "cures" and "treatments" that don't work. You have more value than that. Realize that you ARE important, and so is your health. Start transitioning to a raw vegan diet and see your life transform before your eyes. Energy, mental clarity, confidence, self-esteem, physical capability, well being and a deeper connection with yourself will all sprout forth from eating raw - not to mention your acne or skin conditions will be naturally healed by your body - now functioning properly and able to cleanse itself and return to balance.

My brother, a bad sufferer of acne, said this after I emailed him the links to these videos: "I would rather die than stop eating meat." How do you feel about giving up meat?

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      Chris 17 months ago


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      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      a friend of mine used aloe vera gel to treat her acne. She looks radiant now.