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The Perfect Way To Cut Bangs Yourself At Home

Updated on April 5, 2012

Girls love to get their hair done at the salon all the time. We would live in the salon if we could. Hours spent there getting pampered is what girls dream of. It is relaxing and feels so good. But, who really has the time to travel there and wait their turn when all you want is to have your bangs cut, or trimmed. It really is easy to do it yourself at home. And with a little practice you can do it in no time.

Steps to remember:
-NEVER cut your bangs when they are wet.
-ALWAYS cut them on dry hair.
-determine the length you want, and cut it longer.
-after styling your hair, you will have achieve the desired length you wanted.

Tips on cutting your bangs:
-section the hair you want cut.
(recommended is about one inch to one and a half inches thick & ending at the outer corner of the eye)
-pull back any hair that does NOT need to be cut, and tie it.
- it may be easier for you, to take three sections of the part you made.
-starting with the middle part that you made, place a comb under that section and with your determined length, hold the comb in place and cut slowly, and straight across.
-continue with the second section. Take a piece of the first section with the second section, place the comb under that section of hair and follow the guideline
and continue cutting that hair.
-do this till you have all sections of the hair cut.

*the result will be a blunt, straight across bang*

If you want a softer bang, you will need to feather the hair while cutting it. (point-cutting the hair).

With practice and patience this is an easy way to trim or cut your bangs without having to go to the hairdressers.


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