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The Republican Side-Part Haircut - A Look at the Men's Hairstyles of the 2012 GOP Candidates

Updated on January 25, 2012

Which Republican Candidate's Haircut to you like the most?

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Ever wondered what it takes to become a high-flying Republican and run for President of the United States? Sure, a nice political pedigree helps. Maybe you've created a boat load of jobs, that will get you a few votes here and there. But after much pain-staking research, the real key to becoming a successful Republican candidate in the race to go up against the current President of the United States has been discovered...

Your haircut. The famously-dubbed "Republican Side-Part" - a left-to-right combover.

Whether your hair is thinning, or you've got a full head of hair, the "Republican Side-Part" is a doable and reliable image enhancer.

Mitt Romney

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is wealthy, wealthy, has sparkling white teeth, and is wealthy. He has been a successful businessman and also has a nice little pedigree in the political sphere. But his most important and magnetic aspect is his handsomely-kept side part.

The Difference: Romney's haircut is different to the other Republican candidates as he applies what seems to be a very wet substance. Could be hair gel, but who knows?

Newt Gingrich

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has been a political "somebody" for many, many years. He's also a bit of a playboy, but what does that matter? His most impressive and likeable aspect is his version of the "Republican Side-Part" - a wispy, grey cover-version.

The Difference: Newt Gingrich's haircut has less gloss and glam when compared to Romney's version, however, Gingrich has the "Santa-advantage" - making him seem wise and cuddly.

Ron Paul

Ron Paul, or as my fiancée calls "her favorite one" - though not because of his policies, but because he looks like Mr. Rogers, has also been around for a long time, both politically and age-wise. The man went through World War II and if he is elected President in 2012, he'll be 80 years-old after his first term! But once again, his success so far can be put down to his unique version of the "Republican Side-Part."

The Difference: Ron Paul's version of the haircut is the thinning version. But no fret, the beauty of the "Republican Side-Part" is that since the combover covers the top portion of the head, it covers any baldness.

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum may be known for those ridiculous sweater-vests - a surefire signal that he could be out of touch (but don't quote me on that) - but the man does have a bit of a political pedigree. But politics aside, Santorum also uses the "Republican Side-Part" to his advantage, by employing it alongside his choice of warm attire.

The Difference: Rick Santorum applies a little bit of a curly touch to his side-part. Santorum also is a bit of a rebel when it comes to the slickness of his "do" - somedays he'll apply a Romney-istic vibe and have his hair very slick and wet-looking, and on others, a very dry, Gingrichesque look.

Rick Perry (The Rebel)

Rick Perry's inclusion on this list of the "Republican Side-Part" is due to his rebellion against the look. Instead of applying the left-to-right combover, he imparts an opposite direction toward his parting. Perry's haircut is slightly longer than the candidates still in the current race for the Republican nomination, and his rebellion could be a reason why... he's not in it anymore.


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    • tlourdeau profile image

      tlourdeau 6 years ago from Lynchburg, Virginia

      Not sure who crapped in radmaster's corn flakes. This is awesome.

    • scentbro profile image

      scentbro 6 years ago

      If I was an older white guy with hair, I would copy Newt's do!

    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 6 years ago from Southern California

      Really, is this even worth discussing.