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Aromatherapy or How To Use Aromatic Essential Oils Correctly

Updated on February 29, 2012

The ancient art of aromatherapy regains its former glory, because since the days of Cleopatra, women know how with the help of aromatherapy, aromatic essential oils to become more beautiful and desirable. It is no a coincidence that aromatherapy is often called aroma magic because competently selected scents can help solve the problems of health, rejuvenation, to make you look more attractive and sexy, and to give you more strength and confidence.

And aromatherapy, essential oils, are often called "Live Cosmetics", that is made only from natural compounds without preservatives and additives that give the body a favorable natural care.

Aromatherapy with each passing year becomes more and more popular, it is usually used for:

Aromatic baths – the effect of dissolved essential oils in fresh warm water on the human body is impressive. This method is quite effective, because oil have the ability to dissolve in fats, can easily penetrate into the upper layers of the skin and have a therapeutic effect.

Baths are quite widespread in balneotherapy. In the bath filled with warm water is added 5-15 drops of essential oil, for better dissolution of the oil, it can be added to the sea or kitchen salt. Duration of the bath - 20 minutes. In this case the water temperature should be about 37-40 degrees Celsius. The course of treatment should not be limited to only one bath but 15-20 baths.

  • Wraps - very common recently. In a bottle of water (about 2 liters) dissolve a few drops of essential oil, soak with this water sheets and wrap the body. Duration 1 hour.
  • Compresses are a variety of wraps with the difference that the compresses are applied only to certain parts of the body. Compresses can be both cold and hot.
  • Baths - another excellent method of aromatherapy: essential oils enter quickly to the open pores of the skin, and the high temperature of the bath accelerates the spread of nutrients in the body with the accelerated circulation of blood.
  • Massage is one of the most effective methods. The essential oil added to the massage, has direct contact with the skin, immediately enters the body and irritates many of receptors. Massage also increases the effect of the procedure.

So, aromatherapy - it is a great opportunity to improve immunity, cures physical and mental ailments.

Aromatherapy is now widely used even in prestigious clinics. Therefore, you should also take full advantage of essential oils for the benefit of your beauty and health.


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