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The Shocking New DIY Eyelash Beauty Technique That Could Leave You Blind.

Updated on March 5, 2013

Who wouldn't want to look as beautiful as an actress?


The reliability of beauty information.

Looking good is a priority for many of us today, it's almost acceptable to try any beauty treatment or cosmetic procedure going just as long as it provides the desired outcome; the improvement of ones appearance.

While the majority of the information you read or hear may well be true and any recommended beautifying experiences safe, unfortunately there are also many unfounded ideas popping up that not only are ineffective but are also potentially dangerous.

I recently came across such a myth myself that is currently circulating and I wanted to share this knowledge to try to prevent people from attempting it for themselves and potentially ending up in A&E!

Cutting Corners and saving money.

Especially during the time of the recession when finances for most of us became a little scarce, to cut costs many of us adopted the cheaper alternatives to the things we would usually purchase, we made do with what we had when we could, and if it saved us our hard earned money we often decided to do it ourselves, at home.

This concept also applied to beauty treatments, sales of home hair dye kits increased, as did self tanning products and teeth whitening commodities. We could still keep up our image without forking out for a professional to do it for us. For the most part this isn't necessarily a bad thing and it even gave us the opportunity to be creative and learn new skills. However the unfortunate consequence of this newly tested saving method did result in mistakes being made and accidents occurring.

The cosmetic industry has come a long way since the time of the early firm pioneers.


An old myth meets a new generation.

Growing up you may well have heard the myth that when you shave, the hair grows back thicker and stronger, it may even have been something that you had believed for a while, I certainly questioned it. However it is not true, the top of the hair may appear thicker or darker because it is blunt, however the hair will grow back the same, no more, no less.

Body hair used to primarily be a feminine issue, women as it came to transpire were not supposed to be hairy. So what happened we invented ways to get rid of it and become smooth. Shaving, epilating, waxing and hair removal creams began to become a bathroom staple and a part of our regular beauty routine. Now that metrosexuality is in full swing and more and more men are wanting to achieve hairlessness too, they are investing more time on the way they look too, including the back, sack and crack wax method, painful!

We want don't want hair on our bodies but we do covert long, dark, thick and full eyelashes on the face, and again it is a look that ever more of the male population strive to attain now also. False eyelashes, eyelash tints and lash extensions are all common and when done properly are perfectly fine, however this new DIY trick that is worryingly catching on with increased speed and force, involves cutting the tips of your own eyelashes off in the misguided attempt that they will grow back thicker, stronger, fuller and darker.

This of course does not work and your eyelashes may not grow back to there original state again and could end up stunted forever. Scissors should not be used anywhere near your eyes, they are sharp and potentially harmful implements. One slip of the hand or misguided snip could end up cutting, stabbing or catching the eye with the blade. The possibility of infection because of an open wound, long term damage to vision and even permanent blindness can happen as a result of this unfounded DIY beauty technique.

Our vision is a valuable asset.


Warn your friends.

It is difficult to ascertain the exact number of people who have experimented with this technique or who have ended up seeking medical attention as a consequence, what does seem to be the case is the increasing amount of people who are trying it or who have at the least heard about or read about it and are wrongly being informed that it is a good idea, it is clearly not. However obvious it may seem to us, there are people who will unfortunately think otherwise. If anyone tells you about this shocking beauty myth please inform them of dangers and that it is completely false so that they can hopefully warn others and save themselves from damaging their eyes.

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