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The Shoes for Immortal Men

Updated on June 16, 2019

The monk shoes is generally characterized by the absence of shoe lacing which is replaced with buckles either single or double.

It is an informally formal shoe, less formal than a full Oxford but more formal than a Derby. In between these, lies the monkstrap. It is said to be the most advanced shoe and can be traced back to the 15th century monks who departed from their regular sandals to them because they thought it protected them more and was also comfortable to work with. Hence, the name "monkstraps".

The common story is that an Englishman saw the monks using them and was given a pair which he fell in love with and took them back home to England where it quickly evolved to what we have today.

Although the general belief is that the double monkstrap is of recent development, it can however be traced back to medieval times with the monks!

The two major types includes

  • Single monkstraps
  • Double monkstraps

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Originally, the single monk strap was first in existence until the double monkstraps started to make an appearance and has been the most in vogue over the recent years. The double monk is most preferable as it is more likey to remain in fashion for the next 10-20years without running out of trend.

Accordingly, credit have been given to Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent and Lino Leuluzzi for popularizing the double monkstraps for wearing it frequently for some time until it became enamored by all.

When to wear a Monkstraps

It is often said that the most noticeable thing a man can wear is his shoes. Like I said earlier, the uniqueness of the monk shoes rest in its versatility. It can be worn to just about all occasions with you still looking sharp; either to a business meeting with your boss or to a late night out with your friends.

Wearing Socks or not

Another issue faced by people is deciding whether or not to wear a socks together with a monkstrap. The easiest answer to this question lies with the occasion you're attending. Usually, it is advised that when you're goind for a formal meeting with your client or an event, wearing a socks will be proper. Stick with colors such as black, grey or charcoal especially when you're wearing a black suit.

When you're attending a casual meeting or environment on the other hand, you can drop your socks at home provided that you have atleast one break at the end of your trousers so that your sockless sell can be seen.


Finally, the monkstraps is a beautiful shoe which comes in different colors and is also popular in suede. It is forever going to be my favorite shoes of all time because it's my go to shoes when i am not certain of what to wear especially on short notice. It can be worn with a suit, chinos or a pair of jeans. If you don't have a pair of them right now I suggest you go get a few and enter the world of immortal men!


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