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The Shopper's Guide To Designer Inspired Handbags

Updated on August 26, 2011

Is A Designer Inspired Handbag For You?

While shopping for a new handbag, there are two reasons you may end up buying a designer inspired handbag: You may either want a new fashionable bag for a lower price, or you may have been tricked into buying a cheap knockoff. Whether you're looking for high quality designer inspired handbags or want to avoid them altogether, this guide is the best source for you.

How To Buy A Great Designer Inspired Handbag

With the recession hitting many households, skimping on unnecessary expenses is a must. However, a small indulgence once in a while won't hurt, especially if you're planning on buying a good handbag at a reasonable price. So, if you're hunting for designer inspired handbags, here are some tips that can help you get good value for your money:

  • Check the prices of originals before heading out to the market. If you know how much an original bag costs, you will be able to identify a designer inspired bag by its price. However, keep in mind that you shouldn't buy the cheapest purse if you don't want to buy another bag soon. Spending a little extra will guarantee you of having a durable designer inspired bag.
  • While doing your research, find out about the available designs. For example--Tokidoki bags, which are Japanese anime designer bags, come in certain designs, whereas some replicas won't be as accurate. Knowing the right design beforehand can help you avoid the embarrassment of being caught with a fake.
  • Examine the material used in making the designer inspired handbag. Choosing cheap materials will make your purse stand out and reduce the life of your bag.

With these pointers in mind, you will have a good designer inspired bag that will last you a long time.

How To Avoid Designer Imposter Handbags

If buying a designer imposter handbag is the last thing you want, then you should be able to identify fake handbags. In such cases, the prices of these counterfeit pieces will be close to or the same as the originals. However, you can find them using the following tips:

  1. Inspect the 'original' offered to you thoroughly and pay attention to the detailing. A designer handbag will only use the finest materials such as leather, and may have labels with the brand name and serial number of the bag.
  2. Ask the salesperson for a certificate of authenticity (although sometimes this isn't enough anymore) or any kind of documentation that proves the bag is 100% original.
  3. Original handbags come with dust bags to prevent them from wearing out easily (although now some imposter handbags have these too). A handbag without one is definitely not a real designer handbag.
  4. Look to see if the handbag is stuffed with any kind of paper. I received a fake Coach handbag stuffed with a newspaper from Hong Kong--a sure giveaway!
  5. Make sure the seller has a return policy. If there is no return policy, I would be skeptical that you are buying the real deal.
  6. Head to designers' websites and read their guides on how to spot originals and counterfeits. The more you know about the handbag you want to buy, the easier it is for you to avoid fake purses.

You won't have to worry about being caught with a counterfeit bag as long as you remember these tips while shopping.

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