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How to get a close and smooth shave

Updated on September 10, 2010

Shaving Tips

How to get a close shave without getting razor burn

Men that are concerned about getting the closest shave possible are always doing whatever they can do to avoid razor burn. However, it is equally important that we get smooth shave each and every time. Many will find themselves wondering what celebrities like Tom Cruise or Matt Damon do to get such supple and smooth cheeks. Believe it or not, it just takes good technique to get a really close shave, along with a good oil free moisturizer, and a sharp blade. The tips below will help you get the shave you've always wanted, and will leave your cheeks feeling as smooth as any other male celebrity.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you get a close shave

  • Be sure to wash your face with warm water before you shave, this helps to exfoliate your hairs which will help you get the blade closer to your skin without causing irritation.
  • Use an oil free natural moisturizer that is designed for shaving, this will help to condition your skin before you shave. (Do this about 10 minutes before you shave)
  • Before shaving splash warm to hot water on your face again and begin applying an oil free shaving cream.
  • Once shaving cream is applied, Get a clean razor and rinse.
  • As a general rule, the shorter your strokes, the closer the shave. Use the razor to complete small strokes and rinse your blade with water often. The more often you rinse the blade, the better the shave.
  • Always start shaving toward the direction that your hair is growing first.
  • After shaving toward the direction of your hair on the first stroke, reapply some shaving cream and begin shaving against the direction of your hair.
  • Remember to use short strokes when you are shaving against the direction of your hair, this will also help you avoid razor burn.
  • Once your done shaving, you can use your fingers to feel if you missed any spots. If some parts of your cheek are rough you can reapply shaving cream to the area and shave over it again.

How to Shave

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