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The Three Things You Must Know before Getting a Forearm Tattoo Design

Updated on November 5, 2009

Forearm tattoo designs are an extremely popular place to get tattoos for those who want to go all-out with their tattoos. These tattoos are not for the timid. Sometimes people shy away from tattoos below their sleeve line because they're afraid about messing up future job interviews and things like that. If you're getting one of these tattoos done you're probably not worried about that.

You should be thinking about the time it will take to get the tattoo and the cost. Covering your entire forearm is a lot of ink and will take a lot of time. Chief among your concerns should be finding an absolutely professional tattoo artist.

Unlike a tattoo on your shoulder or back, forearm tattoos are not easily covered up or disguised with other tattoos. You will also find it impossible, nearly, to get removed.

The price of getting your arms done will also be consideration for this relatively large tattoo. A small tattoo on your body might be had fairly inexpensively, but sleeves will cost quite a bit more. Furthermore, people that opt to get tattoos on their forearms often decide to get both done. Tattoos covering the entire arm, called sleeves, are also quite common.

You've probably considered these issues though if you're seriously considering getting a tattoo or tattoos on your forearm. Getting a tattoo on your forearm may be the strongest tattoo statement you can make.

tribal tattoos, animals, dragons, or anything that special to you are great ideas for tattoos on your forearm. A snake makes a great tattoo design that can wrap around your arm.

You really should look at some high-quality tattoo design galleries before you make any permanent positions. For less than the cost of a few trips to Starbucks, you can join and view some of the best tattoo galleries in the world. These galleries are available online as membership sites. Most are not very good, but there are a handful of excellent ones. The best way to go is to find reviews of several galleries and go with the highest rated one.

If you opt for a tattoo on your forearm you obviously are making a bold statement. You'll be in good company though. David Beckham, Sean Connery, Gilby Clark and many other celebrities all have tattoos on their forearms.


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      Torena 2 years ago

      Im curious to know how to price a trible wolf dreamcatcher for remberance of my grandfather