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The Toga: An Acceptable Dress For Men

Updated on March 7, 2010

If a man of a certain (college) age wishes to wear a dress without arousing the suspicions or derision of his peers, he calls for a toga party. After one graduates, Togas must generally be put aside for fancy dress parties and Halloween.

However, is there really any reason that men should not recover the old Roman fashions and a little bit of their un-bifurcated fashion glory? It is true that togas require care when being wrapped. An improperly wrapped toga is a public misdemeanor charge waiting to happen.

If you'd like to know how to make and wear a toga, How To Make A Toga is a site so full of information that the information has gotten together with other pieces of information and made little baby pieces of information.

The general gist of it, if you don't want to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of togas, is that you need to buy some fabric. A sheet won't work because sheets aren't long enough and tend to be too wide as well. It is a lose / lose situation, possibly a lose / lose / lose situation if you use sheets belonging to someone else.

A toga should be long and narrow. 2 yards wide by 6 yards long should work. In real measurements, that is 1.8 meters wide by 5.4 meters, which, to be honest, sounds a wee bit excessive, but that is what the experts say, and they're experts with no reason to lie.

Wrapping a toga involves the following steps:

  • Wrap one end around your waist and pin it.
  • Wrap it around a couple or more times. Pin again on other side.
  • Toss remaining cloth over shoulder.
  • Wrap it around the back.
  • Pin it at the waist again.

If you want your toga to look feminine, you can add filmy wraps and scarves and things of that nature. You can also use pretty cloth rather than plain white or blue cloth. It's your toga, you can wear it however you want to.

Wearing a toga means wearing a dress with no social stigma at all. Unless you count being considered potentially drunk a social stigma. You can wear a toga to formal occasions without looking out of place, after all, if it was good enough for a Roman Senator, it should be suitable for weddings, performance reviews, and job interviews. Retro fashions are in right now, by wearing a toga as everyday dress, you are simply taking the trend to its illogical extreme, and if there is anything society loves, it is illogical extremes.


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    • profile image

      pantydan 7 years ago

      living in england im jelous of the scottish men up there have been wearing skirts for hundreds of years!

    • profile image

      Wynter Storm 8 years ago


      While a toga can be worn alone, it should properly and traditionally be worn over another garment called a tunica (tunic)--which is itself unbifurcated (essentially a thigh-to-knee length dress).

      Personally, when I am doing roman historical reenactment, I tend to avoid the toga alltogether as it just tends to get in the way (which is why it was most likely not worn much by persons of the plebian class) when you are trying to do pretty much anything physical.