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The Top 25 Nike Air Force 1 (Sneakers / Tennis Shoes) of all time. PART ONE

Updated on May 29, 2009

Nike Air Force 1 Passion

In my opinion the Nike Air Force 1 is Nike's Flagship Shoe. Introduced in 1982 by Bruce Kilgore, it has become vastly popular due to its many designs and limited production. The Nike Air Force One received it namesake from.... You guessed it the presidential plane. I'm not sure why, as the shoe doesn't resemble a plane in my opinion but who knows?

This list was chosen based on personal style. Quantity manufactured, design, and lasting popularity. Without further ado... Nike's Top 25 Airforce One's of all time.

#1 The original all white midcut

The shoe that started it all. As mentioned before it's release was in 1982. There are currently more than 1,700 different designs to date with yearly profits of $800,000,000. It should also be noted that the airforce 1 is sold in low, medium, and hi-top varieties.

# 2 AF1 Masterpiece Crocodile / Anaconda

Released midway through 07' this is one of the most prestigious airforce one's nike has ever made. Complete with 18 carat gold plated shoe strings and real anaconda skin you have a finely crafted shoe hand stitched in Italy. All shoes are indivdually numbered. Shoes originally retailed for $2,000!

#3 40/40 club Jay-Z AF1

Released in 2005 this shoe has one of the lowest production numbers of any air force one ever made. 120! This shoe was not sold in stores and was given to employees of Jay -Z 40/40 club to commerate it's grand opening.

#4 Quest Love AF1

By far one of my favorites. Designed by Ahmir K. Thompson AKA Quest Love of the legendary Roots crew. This is the first shoe to make my list that was sold at regular shoe stores. It's average price is 375.00 on ebay.

#5 Busy P Airforce One

This shoe is the illustration of Busy P (aka Pedro Winter, a famous French DJ) battling the designers at Nike on how he wants the shoe to come out hence all the writing.The shoe is divided in half. One half is the "good side", what the Nike designers wanted on the shoe. The other side is the "crazy side", what Busy P wanted the shoe to be.

Airforce One. You gotta have a pair!!

#6 Black History Month Airforce One

Released in 2007, this shoe was passed out in celebration of Black History Month. Also extremely limited. The story is only 24 pairs were created with these gems.


You are looking at an insanely ultra-rare pair of Nike Air Force 1 Low IO Premium also referred to as "STASH." These were a Tier 0 quickstrike release from 2005 that caused quite a commotion with crowds camping out days in advance. Being designed by the legendary "STASH", these sold out in millseconds and are now impossible to find.

#8 Maharam AF1

Designed by Maharam an 107-year-old American textile house renowned for its leadership in design innovation this has become a / an extremely popular shoe amongst collectors. Maharam's unique interpretation of the AF1 introduced a silhouette constructed of Layers, a textile created by the Maharam Design Studio in collaboration with Jongerius.

#9 Black Friday AF1

Created in partnership with DJ Clark Kent Nike feast your eyes on these beauties. These shoes were release in 08' to coinside with the shopping Holiday. The desiger described these shoes as “Something Black, Luxurious & Fly”

#10 Sheed Airforce One

 Designed for NBAer Rasheed Wallace. These are the ultra hightops to make my list. Rasheed has spent his entire NBA career wearing only Air Force One's.

Shoes 11 -25

 Please click here for 11 -25 in the top 25 Nike Air Force One's Ever made.


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    • profile image

      Mark kilmer 4 years ago

      Looking for info on a pair called chili chesse fry's (black, red, and yellow) Air Force ones

    • profile image

      wei 4 years ago

    • profile image

      RG 6 years ago

      All whites are truly the greatest and no they don't come with a blue hub they are all white.where are u buying with a blue hub hurricanes and anaconda are the greatest with gator browns a close equal.RG®

    • profile image

      ryn 7 years ago

      i lhub the shoes!!!

    • fresh2def05 profile image

      fresh2def05 7 years ago from Louisville, Ky

      YESSS!!! holdin it down for the real sneakerheads out there. Good hub.

      (Even though the all whites have the blue gum bottom)

    • onrea profile image

      onrea 7 years ago from Rochester, NY

      Nice. I've always been an adidas man but I'm starting to get into the AF1 brand. Thanks for sharing!!!!

    • SONNY SIROIS profile image

      SONNY SIROIS 7 years ago from Fort Fairfield, Maine

      These are the shoes of my youth! (80's) I recently went to a popular shoe store, only to find shiny, colorful, complicated sneakers. I finally found some white Air Force 1's. These shoes are comfortable and well suited shoes for anyone...

    • profile image

      keiera 7 years ago

      they shies look gud...but i already have every pair that's out....haha

    • JakeAuto profile image

      JakeAuto 7 years ago from Calif.

      I wonder if there are Nike baseball shoes from MJs brief second career.

    • profile image

      LOLOLOLOL 7 years ago

      The air force 1 and 2 kick ass! Although the air force 1 is pretty cool but I prefer the air force 2.

    • profile image

      katherine 7 years ago

      estan super estas tennis

    • profile image

      nike jordan kicks 7 years ago

      Nike Air Force 1 is best for inner city youth and hip hop artists.Air Force 1 was produced in 1982 and in 1987 Air Force 2 came into market.Its quite a nice shoes and its name is also very attractive.

    • profile image

      cheap uggs 7 years ago

      Cheap uggs shoes?Very comfortable to wear them.

    • profile image

      nike outlet 8 years ago

      Nike outlet & Adidas outlet are the two brands of us, we also have the following brands which are described in details

    • profile image

      dada 8 years ago

      these are the most main performance indexes of shes.air force 1 nike shoes

      Nike Air force 1 Men's AF1 25th shoes is very popular in the market,


      force1 Affliction also is One of my favorite.

    • profile image

      ZENG 8 years ago ->discounted nike air force one sale!

    • rapmanual profile image

      rapmanual 8 years ago from Hubpage Island, Squidoo Land

      Looks like a lot of research. Vote this up.

    • Dink96 profile image

      Dink96 8 years ago from Phoenix, AZ