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The Top 5 Ways To Be Naturally Beautiful

Updated on May 10, 2015

Skin Quenching Recipe

Want A Luxurious Spa Experience At Home?

Make a quick trip to the kitchen on the way to the bathroom.

Step 1. Wash Face with Baking Soda: it exfoliates and cleanses simultaneously.

Step 2. Mix honey and brown sugar in a bowl with a Slash of grapefruit juice. The honey acts as an emollient, the grapefruit brightens, and the brown sugar softly exfoliates while also brightening.

Step 3. After rinsing face, use a freshly squeezed lemon as a toner.

Step 4. Rinse with cool rose water to close the pores and sooth the skin.

# 1 Healthy Skin

Many times women look at beauty by means of the outward appearance. This mindset supports the longevity of the cosmetic industry. The purpose of this article is to have fun illustrating ways to enhance our gifts from mother nature. The goal is not to deter anyone from having fun with makeup nor is it a call to ditch all the fancy fun face, hair, and body enchancing gadgets.

The focus is to show the many girls, teens, young professionals, and even maturing women how to have a health conscious lifestyle. The tips and tricks listed are to ensure the true beauty underneath all of the glitz and glamour we all so much adore is not compromised.

Our skin is beautiful. We have lots of shades that color humanity with brilliance. Some of us are even lucky enough to have fun, unique, and distinctive features such as beauty marks, freckles, and/or birthmarks. The most important thing to do is to ensure that despite its attractive attributes, skin as our largest organ is glowing with healthy habits and care. The soft, supple, and glowing layers outside each one of us, is imperative for our protection, so we must protect it. Here are some very important, yet simple ways we protect our skin:

- Wash and rinse thoroughly in the morning and before bed. Be sure to rinse well to avoid any residue. Soap and residue can result in sebum imbalance (skin's naturally production of moisturizer). Also, air pollution can be an unregarded factor when maintaining healthy skin, so washing twice a day, even if it feels clean, can ensure skin is healthier.

- Use toner, serum and moisturizer.

- Actively wear sunscreen despite the season, as winter sun can effect skin health sometimes even more so than summer sun.

- Drink lots of water. Feel free to incorporate a method to detox. Detox Tea before bed ensures unknown toxic deposits from certain past foods or medicines are flushed out of the system.

- Relax, because stress can definitely effect many areas of our overall health assessment, the skin as no exception. Find ways to manage stress, and look for avenues that render a tranquil escape such as a salt bath or soothing massage.

Skin Deep Beauty

Lovely layers
Lovely layers

#2 Smile! Being Happy Is The Most Beautiful Thing You Can Offer

Smiling makes others want to be around you. Having quality company allows us to feel appreciated, and genuinely appreciate others. We can care for our smile in a number of all natural ways. Strawberries, black sage, and baking soda are all ways to whiten teeth. Also, oil pulling is a less conventional way to detoxify your body by pulling impurities out of the gums. Oil pulling also freshens breath, reduces plaque and cavities. Coconut oil is one of the best oils to use. Just take a tbsp of organic coconut oil, and swish it around in your mouth for 20 minutes. It may seem like a long time. However, it needs the full 20 minutes to extract. Find something fun to do, like a manicure, to pass the time. Caring for our smile is important. Oil pulling can substitute the conventional teeth brushing, or as I prefer, as an enhancement to your regular routine. When we smile, we invite our mood to lift regardless of how we feel. Being able to manage our feelings will ensure that we feel our best. And feeling our absolute best is naturally beautiful.

Remember Your Roots: Healthy Hair Care

Naturally Beautiful Hair
Naturally Beautiful Hair

#3 Naturally Beautiful Hair Tips From Root To Tip

There are so many types of hair, and lots of style preferences. However, just as the skin the key to naturally beautiful hair is health. There are many methods to care for the various types of textures and growth patterns. The healthy tips listed are not to style, change, or alter to gain any sort of desired look. The tips listed are going to transform how our hair can naturally feel better to the touch.

1st: Make sure you pick a product that is able to cleanse the type of hair you have without stripping it of moisture. However often you wash to maintain a clean scalp, and fresh locks, make sure it is consistent.

2nd: Conditioning your hair using the same guidelines above. Also, make sure this is consistent. Now for the fun parts!

3rd: Ensure that to clear up any sebum (skin's natural oil build up) residue, a clarifying treatment is part of your routine. My hair type is coarse, and takes a lot of work to hydrate, so I only incorporate clarifying treatments once a month. However, make it fit into the needs and timing of your hair. One of my all natural favorite clarifying treatments is apple cider vinegar. It has a fun aroma and gets the job done.

4th: Treating yourself is always smiled upon, so definitely treat your hair! Create a nourishing masque with a fun recipe. Mash some carrots and avocado into a bowl of olive oil. Measurements are to your discretion. I like to toss in a touch of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon for the scalp. After washing and conditioning your hair, set the yummy masque on your hair in sections. Let it settle in for 20 minutes, and rinse thoroughly. If you can find ionized water, or rose water to rinse, it will definitely soften your hair. Your hair will feel remarkable and retain moisture.

#4 Make Your Tummy Happy: All Natural Inside

Become Aware That What We Put In Ourselves Matters As Much As What We Put On For Beauty
Become Aware That What We Put In Ourselves Matters As Much As What We Put On For Beauty

Nature Meets Science For Advanced All Natural Skincare Nanotechnology

A Happy Tummy Says Yummy: Nutritious And Delicious

Staying hydrated and flushing out your body by lots of water intake, will clear out any impending threat to your natural beauty. Have some fun and put skin loving fruits and veggies to saturate your water. Slicing lemon, cucumber, cherries, pears, apples or even oranges, and allowing them to take an extended swim in your water pitcher can enhance your natural beauty. Vitamins are going in the water along with its crisp and refreshing flavor.

If you are anything like me, snacks are a crucial part of your lifestyle. The best things to snack on in my opinion are in bags, and boxes with lots of things listed on the label that I have to "sound out" to pronounce correctly. Regardless of my proficiency in nearly four languages, I still do not speak, read, or write very well in manufactured chemical preservatives, and color number 40. From time to time, indulgence by means of a rare sticky foreign snack that have ingredients spelled similar to the content of Jupiter's atmospheric elements can get the best of me. Yet, the more I avoided these types of snacks, the more transformed my palate (tastebuds) became. I began to taste the awfulness in compound color number 40 despite my prior years of indulgences. The purpose of this article is not to scare you away from candy or chips. The level of purity regarding how "All Natural" one would like to become has a spectrum of options. It is encouraged to commit to the level that is comfortable to you in terms of your prolonged practice of living well. The intended purpose of this article is to give you options to incorporate. The level of commitment to a lifestyle change is completely determined by you with no need of any sort of persuasive element from myself. However, for those seeking more, let's look at an exciting flavorful way to enjoy all natural snacks that will help your natural beauty persist to shine.

A. Nuts: anything from almonds to pistachios, nuts have great fats, wonderful oils, and fun flavors to enjoy. Seeds such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds are also great. Not only are seeds heart healthy, your skin and hair will become thankful for your choice.

B. Dried Fruit: If you really like candy and have a sweet tooth like so many people today, you can get some sugary relief without crunching your teeth on skittles and cotton candy. Again your inside beauty with reflect in your health from vitamins and your hair and skin can also benefit. Be sure to read the labels for organic dried fruits to avoid what ingredients are also included in other less healthy snacks.

C. Veggie Chips: Actual potato chips especially baked ones are my ally. Tomato chips, and other yummy veggies are fun to munch. Seeing as how I replaced all the snacks I just could not give up with tasty equivalents, here are some recipes that are sure to help your beauty!

Monitoring and limiting your intake of greasy, oily and salty foods help to correct an imbalance that may compromise clear skin, a nice figure, or what I call "waste management".

Being regular can release toxins that will affect your natural beauty for future years.

#5 Sleeping Beauty Has The Right Idea

Beautiful You: Catching Some Zzz's
Beautiful You: Catching Some Zzz's | Source

Edible Skin Care

Which of These Yummy Treats Do You Prefer To Enrich Your Skin With A Tasty Spa Experience

See results

The importance of sleep is often overlooked in today's world. If you are a dreamer like me, there are so many things you have to do while you are awake to accomplish those dreams. Not only will getting enough sleep make us more alert, and prepared for the next day, proper sleep can deter a lot of ailments that can effect your natural beauty. A fun way to ensure you can naturally rest well include aromatherapy oils such as the well know use of lavender. A nice warm bath with lavender will ensure a drift into slumber land. Also, protect your skin from irritating mosquito bites by using all natural lavender essential oil. Put about 5-7 drops in a water spray bottle. Glisten you skin with a light spray. Don't forget to lightly spray your pillows and teddy bears.

The 5 Ways To Maximize Your Natural Beauty are simple, fun, and timeless. Implementing only one of these tips will show a great difference in how beautiful you look and feel. Combining all 5 tips will serve as a life changing catapult towards taking your already beautiful self to the stratosphere of heading turning, all natural beauty.


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    • AshleyChatman profile imageAUTHOR

      Ashley Chatman 

      4 years ago from New York City

      Thanks Vivian! Stay Beautiful!

    • profile image

      Vivian Ortiz 

      4 years ago

      I really liked this whole article! I just wish that I knew what palate or sebum meant though. I think if you wrote what that meant in parenthesis so people who don't know can understand better will be great. I loved this article and I think it's a very helpful tool. Congrats on your first piece!


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