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The Trinity of Mesh Lingerie - Panties, Bras and Bodysuits

Updated on October 12, 2009

Mesh lingerie is one of my favorite kinds of lingerie, probably because its a little bit naughty, but yet can be combined effortlessly with other fabrics to create an effect that is sexy, but not too raunchy. Mesh, is of course, a see through material, which means that it is perfect for highlighting aspects of one's anatomy, or for hinting at them in a saucy visual tease.

Mesh is often incorporated in panties and bras for different effects ranging from the softly sensual to the plain outrageous. Let us now familiarize ourselves with the trinity of mesh lingerie, that we may gain inspiration for our own lingerie collections.

Mesh Panties

Mesh panties are naughty, and yet so much fun.

These ruffle mesh panties demonstrate what I mean. Sweet ruffles adorn the top of the panties, coyly failing to hide the black mesh below which hides absolutely nothing at all. There is some black lining for 'comfort', but this could easily be removed for a more, er, dramatic effect. These panties actually come in plus sizes, which is a nice change from the beige pantaloons which plus size people are usually left with.

Mesh Bras

Mesh is commonly used as an underlay for lace designs on brassieres, though it is possible to purchase bras with mesh cups which support the breasts, but leave little to the imagination.

In case you thought that mesh bras were trashy, Simone Perele proves that mesh can be sensual, feminine and sexy, without being trashy at all. This soft green mesh bra reveals much, but does it with class, and style, ma cherie. If you're concerned about looking cheap, seek out mesh lingerie with embroidery covering key areas.

Mesh Bodysuits

Bodysuits are fairly racy pieces of lingerie generally speaking, designed to cover the body, and yet, not cover it at all. Bodysuits could perhaps be viewed as the most 'pure' kind of lingerie designed solely for the tactile pleasure of the wearer and the visual enjoyment of the viewer, and not for any practical purpose at all. (Okay, they kind of work as panties and bra in one, but lets not get hung up on technicalities.)

This sweet mesh bodysuit from Pour Poi actually manages to work some bust lift into its construction, lifting the breasts, elongating the torso, and presenting the body in the most attractive light. If you're slightly bigger busted you can end up fighting a battle against sag especially in garmentry such as this, but bodysuits styled with underwires and support allow anyone to wear them comfortably.


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    • profile image

      Esther 8 years ago

      Mesh is great. It does also lend it self to outwear in the bodice styles.

      Great post


    • profile image

      GoneNylon 9 years ago

      As regarding bodysuits, they're also outerwear. has an excellent range of sizes and styles for both men and women. They're marveolously stylish and present a most pleasant silhouette.

      Prices are good, and so's the quality. What's more, the customer service is superior.