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The Truth Behind Teeth Whitening Products

Updated on January 10, 2013

There has always been much debate surrounding the use of whitening treatments and products for the teeth. Before you get carried away with the speculations that various whitening products contain harmful ingredients, or that they are ineffective and costly, it would be best to first examine the advantages these whitening systems claim to have.
A one hundred percent guarantee that products for teeth whitening are safe and harmless is hardly ever true. For a whitening system to be effective they will typically contain active chemicals in the ingredient list. Granted that many of the components included do not have any major negative effects it is still ideal to be aware of what goes into your mouth.

How Safe are Teeth Whitening Products?

The range of products that are in the market today can be from mild chemical based to high level concentrations. It is easy to avail of over the counter whitening goods such as strips, toothpastes, gels, zoom pens, mouth wash, mouth trays, etc. It is always advised for home treatments to use only products with a minor chemical concentration. High level whitening systems are best avoided or should at least be used with the guidance of your dental care provider.


Orthodontists claim that high concentration chemical whiteners are very rough on the upper most layers of the teeth. This top layer is called Enamel, it is this layer that will whitening immediately after the use of a product. Constant use of these goods can cause the teeth to get worn down over a short span of time.

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Consult with an Expert

It is therefore always best to get a dentist to examine your teeth first. After which you can ask for recommendations about the teeth whitening products that work and are safe to use. Cosmetic dental practitioners will only suggest remedies as well as offer tips regarding the correct products to use that are not harmful. It is advised that Zoom whitening products for teeth should be best avoided. Do a bit of research and you will learn more about the damaging components it contains.

Products in the Market

Up to a certain extent, there are many products in the market that are effective. For a lot of people, whitening products for teeth will mainly entail teeth bleaching. Nevertheless, there are in existence today many goods in the market that are simple to use and of course effective.

Teeth Whitening Products that are Effective

There are whitening gels, pens, mouth washes, whitening pens, mouth trays, strips, and treatments to name a few. Peroxide molecules that reduce enamel pigmentation in the teeth are what these products contain. The process can whiten the teeth up to six shades lighter if used on a regular basis.


An individual’s lifestyle can also cause teeth discoloration. Eating and drinking habits, like the consumption of too many cups of coffee, soda, tea, and alcohol are some culprits that cause yellowing and weakening of the teeth. Smoking and tobacco use can make any teeth issues worse. Using teeth whitening products can help aesthetically make your smile look healthy. It is a must though to improve the health of your teeth both externally and internally.


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    • SolveMyMaze profile image

      SolveMyMaze 4 years ago

      This is a prime example of prevention being better than the fix. It's a shame though that some products can result in further damage to the teeth, rather then give them a white appearance whilst protecting them.

      The teeth whitening scene from Friends has always put me off having mine whitened.

    • Ms._Info profile image

      Ms._Info 4 years ago from New Jersey

      I've tried using peroxide in the past, but it really doesn't seem to work that well. Maybe I'm using it wrong.

    • TinaAtHome profile image

      TinaAtHome 4 years ago from California

      Have you heard of using the inside of a banana skin to clean your teeth? I read it on the Internet and then mentioned it to my dentist and he hadn't heard of it. I haven't found anyone who has said they have done that and it works. I'd be interested if you know.

    • Learning in Life profile image

      Megan Sisko 4 years ago from SW Florida

      I never knew that whitening products could actually harm your teeth! I have always just used the off brand whitening strips. They do work but I guess I should read into the products I use more.