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The Unique Experience of The Diamond "Queen Mary" and The Tragedies It Brought To Its Owners

Updated on November 26, 2014

The beautiful and crystal diamonds are the treasures that god gave to the world and the diamonds which have the color of vivid mazarine are even more the rarities. There are only a few big ones and each of them is priceless. One of them is the world famous "Queen Mary".

The Diamond "Queen Mary"(Hope)
The Diamond "Queen Mary"(Hope)

The "Queen Mary" now weighs 45.52 karat and it possesses the color of extremely rare mazarine. The mazarine of it is so crystal and pure and it presents the breathtaking beauty. But in people's eyes this beauty indistinctly emits a wisp of evil, a blast of sinister radiance, they even call it the diamond of misfortune. The reason of this is its mist like history is full of unique and tragic experience, it always brought its owner bad lucks.

The Appearance of “Queen Marry”

The "Queen Mary" first appear in history is 1660, at that time it was owned by Bertrand Tavernier a french man who bought it from India. The name of the diamond was “The Tavernier Blue” and the shape of it was coarse triangle.

In more than 300 years the tragedies it brought to people are even worse than the curse of the witch. These tragedies covered a mystery veil on it and the stories of it are so many.

The Stories of The Diamond and Three French Kings

After Tavernier went back to France he dedicated it to the kind of France Louis XIV then cut and polished it into the shape of chicken heart. The weight of it changed from 112.5 karat to 69 karat and it was called "Blue Diamond of The French Crown". Because of the dedication Tavernier was awarded baronetcy. Not long after this the disaster fell on Louis XIV. His favourite grandson died suddenly and the glorious military exploits of him in his early days began to decline. Then he married a wife who was a zealot of religion and brought a lot tragedies to Louis XIV's life. And some people said that a few years later Tavernier was killed by pye-dogs in Russia.

Louis XIV of France and The French Blue Diamond
Louis XIV of France and The French Blue Diamond
Comtesse du Barry, Mistress of Louis XV
Comtesse du Barry, Mistress of Louis XV

After the death of Louis XIV the diamond found its new owner Louis XV of France. He swore that he will never wear this diamond but he gave it to his mistress Comtesse du Barry who was executed in France Revolution. Years later the king of France Louis XVI and his Queen Marie Antoinette got it.Not long after getting this diamond Louis XVI and his Queen were sentenced to death in the French Revolution. In 1792, the French Treasury was hacked in the French Revolution and the blue diamond went missing. During this time, the queen of Spain Maria Louise made painter Goyer paint a portrait for her and a diamond she wore looked like the missing diamond. Some people inferred that maybe the Spanish bought it from the thief.

The Execution Scene of Louis XVI and His Queen
The Execution Scene of Louis XVI and His Queen

The Reappearance of The Diamond and The Tragedies It Brought To Its New Owners

In 1830 the diamond which had missed for 38 years appeared in Holland and belonged to a diamond cutting man named Wihelm Fls. To avoid the tracing of France government he cut the diamond into the shape it is today and it now weighs 44.4 karat. Then the son of Fls stole it from his father and took it to London and in there he suicided with nobody know the reason.

A few years later, the English Jewelry collector Henry Phillip Hope bought the "Queen Mary" for 90,000$ and renamed it by "Hope" because the name Hope means hope in English. In 1839, old Hope died suddenly and his nephew Thomas got the diamond. Did not like others little Hope did not put it into the secret chamber but displayed it in an exhibition center and it was said that didn't like others he died in his bed in the end.

In the beginning of 20th the "Hope" and some other collections of Hope are bought by a business man named Jacques Cero and not long after that he committed the suicide. Then the diamond was bought by a Russian and he was stabbed to death after a short while. The next owner of the diamond was business man Habib Beye and not long after he sold it to a man named Simon, he and his family all drowned in the sea. And after Simon sold it to the Turkey Sultan Abdallah II he and his family fell off a cliff and died. After Abdallah II got this treasure he was dethroned in 1909.

Then the "Hope" appeared in Paris again and was sold to McLean couple who were the publishers of Washington Post and Cincinnati Enquirer. Since owning this diamond the couple suffered a lot of tragedies. In 1918 when the couple went to see Kentucky Derby the 8-year-old son in London escaped from the bodyguard and run into the street and was trapped to death. A short while after this the husband became intemperate and lost his sound mind then he lost his job. One of their daughters died from the overdose of hypnotics and in 1967 their 25-year-old granddaughter died in home from drug poisoning.

The Last and The Most Lucy Owner of The Diamond

After Mrs McLean died in 1947 the diamond was bought by jewelry dealer Harry Winston for 1100,000$. In the ten years after this Winston brought this diamond with him traveled for 640,000 kilometers and displayed it in everywhere raising collection for charity. In 1957 Winston negotiated with Smith Institute and want to give it to the institute as the center exhibit of the gems and make it compared with the jewelries used for coronation. Smith Institute agreed and on November 8th in1958 the diamond was packaged in a goat leather box and sent to the New York post office then mailed to Washington. Winston costed 1,452,900$ for this and he is the last and the most lucky owner of the "Queen Mary".

The Diamond "Queen Mary"(Hope) Displayed In Smith Institute
The Diamond "Queen Mary"(Hope) Displayed In Smith Institute

The stories of the diamond "Queen Mary" has come to a conclusion. It seems that except the two owners who keep it displaying instead of carrying it with them ended well, all other owners who wore it suffered various tragedies in different level. It seems that this diamond prefer to be exhibited to the people all over the world instead of being owned by a single person. Readers,after reading this unique experience of this famous diamond,what are your views of it?


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