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The Very Best Wristwatch For Men

Updated on May 26, 2011

Finding a Great Watch

For guys who like cool watches, it seems like the search for the perfect watch goes on and on. I am one of those guys, or was, until I discovered a company called Yes. Their particular design is, to me, the ultimate. Clearly the best wristwatch for men who want a big, unique, well styled, masculine, technically advanced watch. Yes watch has a number of models that all employ their unique display, but the one that meets the above criteria in the extreme is the Zulu.

What is Unique About the Display

As with all Yes watches, the display is designed to represent the natural pattern of light and time as the sun makes its daily traverse across the sky. Once the watch is set for location and time zone, the display shows "light" and "dark" sections that, on the 24 hour dial, represent the actual amount of daylight on a given day. In the winter, if the watch is set for the northern hemisphere, the dark area is larger than it would be in summer. Thus, the movement of the single hour hand on the watch exactly models the movement of of the sun from sunrise to sunset. The practical effect is that the wearer can, at a glance, tell how much daylight remains for the day. A very useful function for the outdoorsman, the photographer and the traveler. But frankly, beyond the practically, the sophistication of it all is the most impressive aspect. The concept of time display in this watch without peer.

Other Features

The treatment of moonphase and moon position are equally as brilliant as the treatment of sun position. This is actually the feature that drew my attention to the Yes brand serveral years ago when I was looking for a watch with a good moonphase feature. Not only is phase displayed, but also the daily moon position, meaning you can easily tell when moon rise and moon set will occur. A very handy feature for amature astronomers. This feature is accomplished via a ring of graphic display at the perimeter of the display face.

The next thing that must be mentioned is that this is a big watch by any standard. In terms of thickness, diameter, and weight, it is big. (I presume that for a person with a small wrist, the Zulu might not be comfortable to wear. Yes has some smaller models, but smaller is not what we're talking about here.) For a medium to large wrist, it is just right, if you like big. The diameter is probably 1/4 inch larger than a typical chronograph style watch.

Overall, the watch has more features than are pertinent to describe here at any length. The braclet is comfortable and substantial. In addition to typical alarm functions, you can also set the alarm to go off 30 minutes before sunrise. There are a variety of ways to set the configuration of the digital display and you can use the rotating bezel to mark high and low tides. In short, it is the most informative watch I have ever seen.

Where to Purchase

Only a few stores/websites sell Yes watches, but my recommendation is to order them directly from the company at . There are about half a dozen "color" choices in the Zulu line that range in price generally from $700 to $1000. That may sound like a lot if you have been looking at watches like Tissot or high end Citizens, but the Zulu is far superior to many watches costing several thousand dollars. And around some holiday times, you can catch a major sale.

For the record, Yes customer service is personal and impeccable. And the website is a small encyclopedia of time measurement information.

The total package of the watch and the company that supports it make the Zulu a clear choice for the best wristwatch for men.


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