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Consignment Fashion in Australia and Why it Matters

Updated on April 3, 2017

Consignment Fashion

Consignment shops are far removed from op shops as you can get in the secondhand resale market. Consignment shops usually only deal with high-end luxury designer fashion. They offer a place where sellers and buyers can come together and make the most of their wares.

Consignors (sellers) are given a place where they can get the best price for their designer items whether is be clothing, accessories, shoes or handbags. Without the hassle of selling online themselves consignors can turn their wardrobe into cash without having to do the legwork and in return the consignment service takes a commission of the sale.

Buyers are also big winners in the process. Buyers will often pick up a bargain getting a high-end designer piece at a fraction of the price they would pay for the same item retail. The buyer can also be assured that the piece they are buying is in great condition with plenty of life left in it.

Why Consignment Matters

You may be asking yourself why does consignment matter?

Did you know that the average Australian has 100+ items in their wardrobe that they do not wear and that 85% of all textiles and leather goods are thrown into landfill every year? For this writer, this is enough of a reason. The amount of resources it takes to produce a garment is staggering and this takes its toll on the environment. Why wear something new when you can wear something that you can give a second life. Buying and selling fashion on consignment contributes to a circular economy. Buy second hand can really make a difference.

How a Circular Economy Works

What is the Circular Economy?

In a traditional economy goods follow a cycle of make, use and dispose. In a circular economy goods follow a cycle of make, use, reuse. This cycle of reuse can continue as long as the goods are still in functioning reusable condition. We have all heard the phrase reduce, reuse and recycle. A circular economy is designed to take resue to the another level.

When it comes to luxury goods they are created with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship – they are cradle-to-cradle items built to last a lifetime.

Online Consignment Services

The online consignment sector in Australia lags far behind the markets in the US and Europe. In the US and Europe online consignment is a multi billion dollar market backed by large amounts of venture capital. Why the investment in secondhand clothes you may ask? The secondhand market in the US and Europe are the fastest growing sectors of the retail industry. The growth is so fast that large players like The RealReal boast that on average they sell their inventory within three days once it is put on sale.

We may lag behind however there are new players in the Australian market so do not despair if there are not any consignment shops in your suburb.




Their Commission: 30%

Other Fees: None

Modsie offers two different services to sellers. They offer a traditional consignment service where they take a 30% commission from each sale. The way the service works is that you send you items to them and they do all of the photography and listings on their site for you. Just like a store front, they hold your items until they are sold.

The second service they offer is a DYI Ebay style service where you photograph, list and price your items. Listings are approved by Modise prior to being listed for sale. For this service, they take a 20% commission.


House of Lux + Muse


Their Commission: 30%

Other Fees: None

House of Lux + Muse offers a traditional consignment service online. Potential consignors send their designer items using a prepaid postage label that is supplied free of charge. They then photograph, market and sell they items. They take care of all of the shipping and returns as well.

A major difference between House of Lux + Muse and other consignment shops in Australia is that they office their services to consignors in both Australia and New Zealand. House of Lux + Muse is one of the few consignment services that offer a consignment service to men, most other focus only on women's clothing and accessories.

House of Lux + Muse allow sellers to consign clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, jewellery, vintage and bridal. They also accept and expansive list of designers, far more than others.

They also boast and ethical and eco ethos which is something that this writer appreciates.

Bricks and Mortar

Traditional consignment shops have had a traditional storefront. Each boutique boasts its own character offering its services to the local community. Many of these stores also sell their luxury items online which you do not have to live nearby to score a bargin.

Blue Spinach



Blue Spinach

Their Commission: 30% - 50%

Other Fees: None

Located in Sydney's Darlinghurst you can't miss their distinctive blue building. Having been in business for the last 20 years they only accept items from the top end of fashion. According to them, they carry the most expansive range of handbags in Sydney.

They accept women's and men's fashion and have an online shop which is great if you are looking for a deal on a designer item but don't live in the area.

Penny Lane Clothing Exchange



Penny Lane Clothing Exchange

Their Commission: 50% - 75%

Other Fees: None

Penny Lane Clothing Exchange is consignment with a twist. When an item you consign sells you are given a store credit rather than cash. This is a great idea as it allows you purchase designer items consigned by others. This is great for two reasons. Firstly you are contributing to a circular economy in fashion and you get a great deal on a designer item you need in your wardrobe. They will also buy items from you rather than consigning if you need some quick cash.

Designer Archives



Designer Archives

Their Commission: 30% - 50%

Other Fees: None

Tucked away in central Brisbane Designer Archive is a key consignment service for the area. Claiming that they source their items from Hollywood celebrities, stylists, movie wardrobes, high society, models and collectors it is a must see. Luckily they also accept items for consignment from the everyday person.

We Can All Consign

There you have it, a who's who of fashion consignment in Australia. Whether you are buying or selling everybody can reduce their global impact by buying or selling on consignment. Nothing new is made, we are reusing what we already have rather than putting it into landfill.

Whether it be local or online fashion consignment is available to everybody in Australia. It's time to start making a difference.

Do you know of a great consignment shop in your area? Let us know by listing them in the comments section.

© 2016 Sonny Monday


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