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The World of Korean Fashion

Updated on April 13, 2020
Nicole Val profile image

Nicole is a college student majoring in Civil Engineering. During her spare time, she is finding fashion trends that she enjoys.

The Growing Popularity for Korean Fashion

Paris, Tokyo, and London were the points of interest when it came to fashionistas learning about the latest fashion trends. Lately, a new city is becoming a spot for people to learn more about fashion trends: Seoul, South Korea. Korean fashion is starting to become more and more popular, with more Korean brands starting to ship globally with their clothes. Their styles are starting to influence other brands, so the craze of Korean fashion does not seem to be stopping soon.

Some Questions

What is Korean Fashion?

To be direct, Korean fashion is trends and styles related that are popular in South Korea. When you look deeper than the surface, you’ll see that different styles can influence one to have freedom in what they wear. There are many different styles in Korean fashion, there is street wear, K-pop fashion (fashion that Korean idols wear during their performances), and many other styles.

Why is Korean Fashion Becoming so Popular?

There is this YouTuber who is from the state that now lives in South Korea. She explained that compared to America, there was more freedom in the clothes people wore. There was no fear of people judging what outfits other people wear, which in result unique styles being discovered. Her video has more explanation to the fashion freedom that South Korea has. If you’re interested in learning more about cultural differences in fashion, watch her video.

With the growing popularity in K-Pop, people are becoming more interested in Korean culture. In the growing interest of Korean music, the increasing interest in K-beauty and Korean fashion started popping up as well. This comes in the term ‘Hallyu wave’ which translates to ‘Korean wave’.

Since Korea’s global popularity in all things entertainment, fashion, and beauty is rising, there comes a lot of different things to talk about. For the purpose of this article, the only focus is on the fashion side of things. This article will not have all the styles that South Korea has since there are too many out there. The few that are chosen come from seeing these trends all over the internet, and are the most common that people are interested in.

The School Uniform

In South Korea many other parts in Asia, once students enter middle school, it is required to wear uniforms until they graduate from high school. Therefore, daily school wear for students became an everyday look for boys and girls around South Korea. This style takes some elements of a traditional school uniform and incorporate them into their wardrobe in their day to day lives. It had become very popular around young girls who wanted to have a younger looking style and be considered cute.


There is no judgement in what people wear in South Korea, so many people can wear as much as they want or as reasonably little as they want. Many boys and girls can incorporate vests to obtain the school girl/boy style. Others, while not attending school anymore, can wear authentic uniforms. In some stores in South Korea, people can rent school uniforms for a few days and go out in the town. It has become a very popular trend among visitors and residents of Korea. Those who are visiting can experience how students in South Korea dress for school, and people who already live in Korea can recall when they used to wear their uniforms for school.

Many have their own reasons as to why the style attracts them, but many say the answer is simple. People who enjoy the school girl/boy style enjoy it because it makes them feel good and cute. They want to have youthful style and just want to have fun with their outfits. Whatever the reason, you can’t deny the school uniforms are gaining a lot of popularity.

Streetwear Fashion

Unlike the schoolgirl look, streetwear is not trying to achieve one certain aesthetic. It all depends on the person who is deciding what to wear. Whether they want to wear a colorful outfit full of statement pieces or an all black outfit with oversized clothing, the aesthetic they want to achieve is up to them. There is no certain rule to obtain the streetwear style. Basically if the outfit makes you feel cool, confident, and comfortable then go ahead and wear it. Streetwear is very popular not only South Korea, but rather in many parts of the world as well. It helps others feel good in what they wear and have more confidence in the style that they are wearing.


Streetwear is a major part of Korean fashion sense there is no one rule in how to dress in that style. That's why people are gravitating more into Korean fashion: there is no rules in fashion, only guides. They only help you get started in finding your style, and after that, you are the one who says what you want to wear. There's no judgment in what you wear, and that's what people love to see.

Couple Outfits

Couples in Asia usually express how they are in love in many different ways. One of the ways they show their love is through fashion. South Korea is no exception to this. In the Western world, many may believe that couple outfits are strange or that they're not very popular to do. However, Asia shows that the trend is far from weird and unpopular. Many couples dress up matching their partners to show that they are a couple. It represents young innocent love and that they're happy together in the relationship. There could be a slight variation in the outfit, or the couple could look the exact same. It is no doubt that the trend is very popular in South Korea.


The trend seems to not have gone far from Asia, but that still doesn't stop couples in the continent from showing their love through fashion. The look can be very simple or very intricate, but it's all about the couple. Whether they just want a plain t-shirt to match or a very coordinated outfit right down to the shoes, their representation of love through clothes is important.

Just the Beginning

There are many styles that weren't talked about in this article. Many people discover their style may not fit one category and experiment until they find something they are happy with. That is the beauty of fashion. Some might find some styles strange, but it’s what’s about feeling good in what one wears. Korean fashion is starting to take over the world, and people are here for it.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Nicole Val


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